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Losing Weight!

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Posted 27 September 2004 - 08:37 PM

I do hot cereals a lot at the moment (easy to take to work premixed with liquid) - quinoa flakes, Bob's Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, rice bran, cream of rice, and cream of buckwheat. Flavored with a bit of honey, cinnamon, and vanilla, it's all good. :-)

For cold cereals, I've done the Corn or Rice Crunch-Ems (Health Valley, I think), I have Gorilla Munch on occasion (but find it too sweet for anything but dessert), and really like Erewon's Brown Rice Crisps with Berries.
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Posted 27 September 2004 - 09:03 PM

are cocoa pebbles really gluten free?? i didnt think any of the really good ones were ;) i will be stocking up on that if it is infact gluten-free!!!!

another suggestion is going to allrecipes.com. there are TONS of recipes there ( it is not a glutenfree site) BUT you can pretty much substitute anything a recipe calls for. i have been wanting to make chicken parmesan and there is a really simple recipe on there and all i have to do is get some gluten-free flour mix. (bob's redmill makes one)

but at least check that site out for ideas.
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Gluten free since July 2004

I have made it one year and feel much much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna F

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Posted 28 September 2004 - 09:42 AM

wow this is great. I had the exact same problem and all these ideas will definately help.

I was having the same problem: felt like a good gluten free meal had to be elaborate and time-consuming. And snacking was a big problem - like you, I need to eat things in a hurry, and I'm hypoglycemic, so, I need to eat often, AND avoid sugar as well as gluten.

Here are my snacks:

Mozzerella cheese sticks (Frigo) with Edward & Sons' Brown Rice Snaps and V8
Veggies w/Cabot dip
Fritos, Lays chips, Cheetos, Act II popcorn
Philadelphia cream cheese with EnerG crackers
Yoplait light yogurt or Yoplait Light Nouriche (much less sugar than the rest!)
Salads w/gluten-free dressings & EnerG prezels
Pamela's gluten-free cookies w/goats milk (eaier to digest if lactose intolerant)

My meals:

Fresh fist (steamed) w/Success boil in bag rice & fresh veggie
Steak w/mashed potatos and broccoli
gluten-free Tinkyada pasta w/hamburg in Contadina sauce
Fresh chicken marinaded in gluten-free dressing, or baked cornish hens (takes a bit longer)
w/boil-in-bag rice & fresh veggies.
Ham steak w/veggies (very simple and fast)
gluten-free TV dinner (Amy's)

Once a week a cook a stew or soup or roast and have leftovers later in the week.

All of these meals can be prepare & cooked w/in about a 1/2 hour - except for the cornish hens which can take up to an hour or so depending on how big they are.
I just start my longest cooking veggies first and follow with the remaining things. I may start my grill while I peel the potatos and it's ready to cook on when all the veggies are on the stove. And steak, chikken and pork don't take long to cook on the grill - and no mess when you're done. The Success boil-in-bag rice only takes 10 minutes to cook and stays nice and hot in the bag when it's done if you didn't time it to be done with everything else, and simple to clean up after (the other rice makes a sticky pan after. I love steamed fish - it tastes fresh and it's very simple and fast to cook. Put a fine strainer in a big pot with very little water and it's boiling and ready to steam fish in - in just a few minutes. And fish cooks VERY quickly this way - just don't OVER cook it. 10-15 minutes is good, depending on thickness and type (Salmon takes about 15).

I'm still trying to gain weight. I just started baking some of my own good in the hopes that I can gain weight this way. Snacks like veggies and light yogurt don't add pounds, but hopefully a little banana bread here and there will (Bob's Red Mill's gluten-free all-purpose flour has recipe on back). I also snag a tablespoon of peanut butter (Skippy) after my meal. I've just started gaining a few pounds doing this (still only 93), but praying I'll gain some more - tired of clothes hanging all over me, and childrens' clothes don't really appeal to me.

Hang in there. This site is awesome and has helped me so much. I totally sypathize with you. I've got a 3 year old boy at home and 2 in school with soccer practice/games, outside activities, new puppy, other animals and.... let's not forget...A HUSBAND (!) We need all the energy we can get. So stock up on some quick foods, but, try to take time to eat right - it is SO important. I will not let our crazy, busy, lifestyle lead us all into eating tv dinners every night!

Bless you!
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Posted 29 September 2004 - 12:25 PM

There's a company called "Amy's" which has come out with a line of frozen, packaged gluten-free meals. And they taste terrific! My local grocery store, Harris Teeter, just started to carry them. They're mostly Mexican style,from what I've seen, meaning that they would not be good for folks sensitive to corn or lactose. For me, they've been a blessing for those times I don't have the energy or time to cook. And my Celiac-free boyfriend loves them too!
Good luck....

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