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What Will A Gi Doctor Do?

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My son just had his one year well baby and has fallen off the growth charts and now has a trend for a downward spike for the last three appts. We went and had blood work done and his Gliadin AB IgG level is 17. No our ped wants us to go to a GI specialist. Does anyone know what the next step is and what the GI specialist will test for and how invasive the tests are? Anything would be helpful we are kind of at a confused stand still and I haven't been able to get a straight answer. Thank you so much.


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Hard to say as I've always understood that celiac tests at this age are not nearly as accurate. Normally, the next step would be a small bowel biopsy by endoscopy. Not sure with a child who is just 1 though.



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willie25, I am new to the board but have done much research over the last month. My understanding is the biopsy is quite invasive and you might not get a clear answer anyway. I personally would listen to what the GI wants and do your research before you say yes. I got my answer from I think I have become their biggest fan. My child has suffered four years now and blood tests were all negative for celiac disease and allergies. The FACT that my child COULD go to the bathroom without days of pain and laxatives when gluten products were removed from her diet, didn't matter to anyone. (nor did the just under 3000.00 in dental bills because her teeth melted away to cavities) Enterolab has a lot of information on tests and biopsys and just keep clicking on the website and go to IntestinalHealth (from enterolab) and read all you can there as well. The team has focused their lives to intestinal health and they are up on the latest. My GI had his head somewhere and would only except the celiac disease diagnosis with a blood test. The stool (which is so easy to do) and gene test were delivered to my door and picked up from my door and there was no hospitals or needles required. My four year old laughed at having to go pooh in a container on the potty. It is pretty scarry with a little one, just get yourself educated and stand up to the doctors if you believe from your research that their information is outdated.


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Well I haven't posted in a long time because my son is sick alot. But I feel every sitution is different and you will just have to see what happens. My son was diagnosed at 17 months. They started out with finding fat in his bowel movement, it was positive for celiac. Than they did the blood test and it was positive for having celiac. Now the small intestine came out negitive for celiac. My son fell off the charts also, he would not eat. Only maybe a couple of bits or a couple of sips. I breast fed him for 17 months. And than the doc put a feeding tube in his nose. Now he has a feeding tube in his stomach. The feeding tube saved his life, food hurt him so he wouldn't eat enough to keep him alive.

We are in the hospital every three months for tests, celiac also comes in two's.

You can check out my son on

God Bless and Take care


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    • Positive Biopsy, Negative Blood Tests
      What?  Be sure that next endoscopy tests you for lymphoma (cancer) as well!   Seriously.  You need to do some research as your knowledge of celiac disease is lacking.  Did you fail the entire celiac panel?  Or did your doctor/insurance save cash and just order the very good (but does not catch all celiacs) TTG IgA?  You have a family history, a positive biopsy, what more do you need?  You do realize that this is not about just giving up gluten, don't you?  We just had a member join this year who was told years ago that her tests were "inconclusive" and that she now has suffered with lymphoma (cancer)? Ugh!   Endoscopy in 10 years?  Who would even wait 10 years?  This isn't colon cancer and polyps!   Are you talking about a colonoscopy?  Are you even sure you had an endoscopy?   Be sure you have your bones checked too.....and forget the breath.  You might not have any teeth and implants will be out since your bones will be compromised. Sorry, if I come on strong, but when I was diagnosed I had no tummy issues.  A few months later, my bones began breaking.  I was undiagnosed for a long time because of neglect not stupidity.  So, I urge you to research this disease more!  Hopefully you'll ward on another autoimmune disorder by remaining gluten free.  Find what celiac blood tests were actually taken!  Even if you do not think you have celiac disease, something has caused villi damage!   Good luck!  
    • Really, Really Foul Breath Post-glutening?
      In addition to eating gluten-free, I attribute the following to knocking out my bad breath once and for all: 1. SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash (this is what really did it for me!) 2. Flonase Nasal Spray 3. Dr. Tung's Tongue Scraper 4. The obviously brushing and flossing twice daily (goes without saying).    
    • Positive Biopsy, Negative Blood Tests
      I went in for an endoscopy to find out if something from my stomach/intestine was causing my bad breath.  A biopsy during that procedure revealed that I had Celiac.  I thought it was strange since I ate pizza, pasta, and other bread/gluten items almost every day without issue, so I decided to confirm the biopsy result with a blood test. I took the blood test twice (once on a high- and once on a low-gluten diet) and it came back negative both times.  I just assumed someone at the earlier biopsy lab must have messed up my analysis or accidently mistaken someone else's biopsy for mine, but after reading this thread it seems like my initial biopsy might have been correct all along. My doctor suggested doing another endoscopy, but I didn't want to foot the bill for that.  Also, my older brother has Celiac which was confirmed by both a biopsy and blood test. Eating less gluten did seem to help a little with my bad breath, but SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash along with Flonase nasal spray and a Dr. Tung's tongue scrapper really did the trick to solve the bad breath issue. I'm just assuming I have Celiac and eating "gluten conscious" until my next endoscopy in about 10 years. If that biopsy comes back positive again, then I'll be strictly gluten-free.  I'm just glad I don't have many symptoms.      
    • Anxiously waiting
      You might ask your doctor if they have a standby/wait list Kal.  Some do that and then they can fit in people if there are cancellations or no-shows.
    • Question on posting
      So we have a rule here against self promotion, however please send me the link and I will have a look at it.
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