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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Traveling - Ski Vacation

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:D i'm about to go on my first gluten-free ski vacation in a couple weeks. has anyone been to ogden, utah? any suggestions for good places to eat? any suggestions for good meals to take with me on the slopes -- keep in mind i'll be staying in a hotel and won't have access to a kitchen.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!



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I'm a 13 yr. old new to Celiac disease, but since nobody else has helped you, I'll try:

- Corn Cakes (I like the butter popped corn) made by Quaker. I've practically lived off of these things. I'd recommend buying some stuff that might be hard to find there, before you leave.

- Bring a can opener: gives you a range of possibilities (canned fruit, tuna, etc.). This, of course, you wouldn't eat on the slopes, but would make for a good snack in a hotel room (or meal if you can't find gluten-free food for dinner one night).

- Meal bar: at school they've had no gluten-free food except for fruit. Therefore, I've had to eat meal bars. I've tried some Omega-3 bar and a Boomi bar. The first consists of dates and stuff. It was tolerable, and I'm a picky eater so that's saying something. Boomi bars weren't too great to me, but if you like fruits and nuts, etc., it's basically that with no additives (held together by some honey). Haven't found a really good one yet, but if I do, I'll post it. I've read a lot about "genisoy" bars being phenomenal, but I haven't found any of those yet and make sure you read the label. The two I've tried are, at least, filling.

- Break bars: from glutano. Supposed to be really good like kitkats. Of course, you could always bring some gluten-free candy on the slopes (like herseys chocolate, etc.).

- gluten-free cookies: I've tried one brand: mi-del. Their arrowroot cookies are pretty good. Also tried their chocolate chip -- those didn't live up to my expectations, but you might want to try them.

I apologize for not being able 2 give u more info. Hope this is helpful.


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