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Driving Through Madison, Anywhere To Eat Off I90?

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I have found a good list of restaurants in the Madison area but can anyone tell me if any of them are off Interstate 90? We will just be passing through on our way to Illinois and it seems like this is a good place to stop for lunch.

Here are some of the suggestions:

My Triumph dining guide lists:

Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano

Bunky's Cafe


Chin's Asia Fresh


FlatTop Frill

Fleming's Steakhouse

Fyfe's Corner Bistro

Great Dane

Hong Kong Cafe West

L'Etoile Restaurant

Nitty Gritty

Noodles & Company

Otto's Restaurant & Bar

Outback Steakhouse

Restaurant Magnus

Rice Cafe

Silly Yak Bakery and Bread Barn (OK -- not a restaurant, but I would try to get there!)

Uno Chicago Grill


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Boy, I'm on the west side so can't help too much off 90, which runs N/S down the east side. Most of these I know to be on the west side or downtown, so not so easy on/off venture. I'd keep your eye out for, or research ahead, the chains like Outback for that stretch. Maybe someone closer will know more. Maybe a Noodles or an Uno, but I think lots of these restaurants are pretty far off your path. Possibly a Great Dane. Might find a P.F. Chang's over there? L'Etoille is very $$$$. Famous. I'd love to go some day, but it's really for taking your time at, downtown on the square. A special occasion type place. I'm curious where you're coming from?


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We are coming from Minneapolis and travel to Illinois and Indiana fairly regularly so I'd love to get some regular places to stop. This is our first trip since dx in March.


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I think your best bet would be Bunky's. It is a cute and fun place and they are so nice there.

From I-90:

exit Rt12/18 west then,

exit onto Monoma Dr.

then just keep going on Monona... it turns into Atwood(?), I think. You'll pass the bontanic gardens on your right then the road will bend off to the left and you'll be in an older part of town. Look for Bunky's on the left. They have a little parking lot there, too.

Here is the Bunky's wesite that includes a map:

Have Fun,

Pam (in IL, but with a sister in Madison)


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That is perfect, thanks. It looks likes it not too far out of our way and could be a fun tradition.


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    • Yes please, that'd be awesome Having a fun time trying to reply on my phone due to broken screen but will be back on tomorrow after results of doctor appointment to get to the bottom of why they've given me seemingly wrong advice re: next steps. Yup I'll admit to pity, anger, frustration and outright fear, been through the mill of emotions in this first week that's for sure. One thing before I go for that; back when I was self-diagnosing I wanted a full thyroid panel (T3, T4 etc.) and also ESR & CRP checks for vasculitis and similar maladies. Now it seems from my reading they can often follow celiac so my worry level of those has gone up a notch, more blood tests ahoy it seems? Main reason for worrying about those is the nearly constant tight / tender head I have at the moment. Top and sides of scalp. Could be the stress tensing the shoulders and occipital muscles at back of head but after the celiac diagnosis being missed I'm fearful of anything else being missed. Did anyone else have this tight head feeling at the start? Feels like the skin is being pulled inwards, sometimes goes down for a few minutes here and there and gets worse when sitting I think. I see the term "brain fog" a lot but luckily don't seem to have too much of that at present, this is more a physical sensation.
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