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Certified Gluten Free Dry Beans: Found!

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Hi, Everyone:

I posted this in an old, old thread that discusses dry beans. I am posting this under a new thread because those who tap into the old one might give up reading and miss this new info I discovered today, which may be important to those of you who, like me, are so highly sensitive to gluten that most store-bought dry beans cause a reaction:

Here FINALLY, is a source of gluten free dry beans -- others may have posted about it here, but I just found it today. Their website shows the beans as being Gluten Intolerant Group of North America CERTIFIED gluten free, too. It is a website called NutsOnline.


The above link takes you to the beans that are certified gluten free -- be careful, they sell other varities of beans, which may not be certified gluten free -- for example, they sell black beans, but black beans don't appear in the above link.

To be sure, look at the actual product description of the type of bean you wish to order. Under the description, you will see lists for kosher, organic, etc. If the beans are certified gluten free, it will list it as well, along with the GIG Logo.

Has anyone here ever used NutsOnline?


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Sorry everyone for my typo! The title line of this post should read DRY beans, not dru. Augh. I cannot figure out how to edit the title line. -- PS: Like magic, Peter saw this and fixed the title. Apparently, only a moderator can do it. Thank you, Peter!


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