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3 Month Check After Diagnosis And More

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Hello all.

I just got back from a week long trip to Northern California to see my son and his family. Had a great time and plenty of gluten free food available. The zucchini muffin at the North Coast Co-op was to die for!!! I made chocolate cake for my son's birthday party, one regular and one gluten free (with Bob's Red Mill baking flour but the same recipe for both). Everyone liked the gluten free one better LOL

3 doctor's appt's on Thursday when I got back. Opthalologist for Diabetes eye exam - no issues see ya in a year!! - Gastro doc asked how I was doing, I told him great, haven't felt this good in my whole life or had this much energy. He smiled and said you look good too, you have color in your face again. Told him I had been cutting down on my pain meds and it seems to be ok and he said I will eventually get off of them and several others too. I can use my judgement on cutting down and then discontinuing. He was impressed that the diabetes meds were already gone. He then said "See you in a year!".

Regular (GP) doc, can't believe my blood sugar is so good since going gluten free and also commented on the color in my face and my energy levels. Off all my meds for diabetes now and he's finally convinced as he did an A1C test. Maintained my weight over 3 months didn't lose anymore or gain so both GP and Gastro doc's were happy with that. I have to see my GP every 3 months in 2011 just to keep a handle on this whole thing but that's ok. 2 out of 3 said 'see ya in a year' LOL

So in essence, I had a great trip, great doctor visits, and life is good for Judy! :D


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Hooray for Judy!!! Nice work :D


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That's great news. It does feel so good when our 'personal pharmacy' keeps getting smaller and smaller. Glad to hear everything went so well.


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    • Hello, I have frequent canker sores (roughly comes back every couple of months). Some blood test results are as following. Component Your Value Standard Range TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IgG 0.31 Index <=0.90 Index Tissue transglutaminase IgA 0.96 Index <=0.90 Index My doctor said that result is unspecific, and I unlikely have celiac disease, since I do not have other abdominal symptoms. For reference, I do have frequent constipation, excessive gas, frequent canker sore, etc. Do you think an upper endoscopy is recommended? I am a little hesitate considering the risk of this procedure and the fact that my symptoms are not that bad. I appreciate all suggestions.  
    • Hello, I see you posted this a long while ago, and perhaps--I hope-- it's no longer a matter of concern, but I thought I'd mention that shortly before I was diagnosed for celiac's, I had distinct yellow blotches on the corners of my eyelids toward my nose. Some months after I had stopped eating gluten, the yellow gradually went away, and--as it just reappeared now several years later, I googled the issue again.  I am only speculating here, but I do believe it is related to liver problems, which, in turn, are related to celiac's. I don't think liver function tests cover all aspects of liver health. I say this because when I was pregnant I developed a temporary liver condition called interhepatic colestasis of pregnancy (ICP), but my liver function tests had been fine. (The condition is diagnosed based on bile levels in the blood, not on liver function). I discovered upon some research that (of course!) ICP  can be associated with celiac's disease.  My hunch is this-- that celiac's presents two problems to the liver: 1) the malabsorption of nutrients--esp. Vit. K2-- that are vital liver health; 2) since gluten registers as a toxin to the immune system (I think?), perhaps the liver gets overloaded processing so much toxic material. Or perhaps there's some other reason. At any rate, poor liver health and celiac's do seem to be linked, according to a few articles I've found. Anyway, hope your problems are resolved now.  
    • my daughter did stool test from enterolab but this gluten sensitive blood test is from    
    • OK, was your daughter tested by a doctor or did you do one of these order online stool tests? And the same question goes for your tests. Can you give a link to the company?
    • NO. Approx. 1/3 of the population carries the genes for celiac but that does NOT mean they will ever present with celiac. Only a small percentage of them will. A gene test is really used more to rule out celiac rather than to diagnose it. What I meant was that since your daughter is diagnosed and IF you carry one or both of the celiac genes then there is a greater chance you are celiac or "early stages" especially in light of your symptoms. All 3 of those factors weighed together was what I was referring to.
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