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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Blood Work

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Well, I have just recentlly had blood work done confirming that I am gluten intolerant. I have not and will probably not have the biopsy done. However, I did want to get my boys tested to see what it came back with. The appointment with the Dr is not until next week. I have a good idea of the results, but not a full comprehension. Thought maybe someone would be able to enlighten me before next week.

Nolan's tests Garrett's

Iga 36.5 21.1

igg 237.3 176.4

ttg 14.2 6.

Iga protein (?) 7.5 42.3

Any comments

My tests were

iga 55

igg 107

ttg 43

Are the results different based on your age?

Sorry, I think I might have posted this a couple times. Hitting the tab button....


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Hoping someone can help me!!!

I have been diagnosed celiac disease through blood work. I had my boys checked this week. Just got the blood work back, but have not had an appointment with the Dr yet. So although I have done much research on the blood work and expected resutls, I am a little unsure of what they mean... can anyone help


IGA 36.5

IGG 237.3

TTG 14.2

IGA proteins 7.5 ( not sure what this test is)


IGA 21.1

IGG 176.4

TTG 6.

IGA proteins 42.3

My tests were

IGA 55

IGG 107

TTG 43

Do the test values change based on your age? Does anyone know how to read this? Although some of the readings are abnormal, so are normal right?

Any comments


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were you given the normal ranges with those result numbers? Usually normal ranges are like <20 or <10 it should say on the results. Anything over those ranges indicates a problem.

And different testing faciilities have different ranges of normal based on the particular test they are using.



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