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Blood Work

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Well, I have just recentlly had blood work done confirming that I am gluten intolerant. I have not and will probably not have the biopsy done. However, I did want to get my boys tested to see what it came back with. The appointment with the Dr is not until next week. I have a good idea of the results, but not a full comprehension. Thought maybe someone would be able to enlighten me before next week.

Nolan's tests Garrett's

Iga 36.5 21.1

igg 237.3 176.4

ttg 14.2 6.

Iga protein (?) 7.5 42.3

Any comments

My tests were

iga 55

igg 107

ttg 43

Are the results different based on your age?

Sorry, I think I might have posted this a couple times. Hitting the tab button....


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Hoping someone can help me!!!

I have been diagnosed celiac disease through blood work. I had my boys checked this week. Just got the blood work back, but have not had an appointment with the Dr yet. So although I have done much research on the blood work and expected resutls, I am a little unsure of what they mean... can anyone help


IGA 36.5

IGG 237.3

TTG 14.2

IGA proteins 7.5 ( not sure what this test is)


IGA 21.1

IGG 176.4

TTG 6.

IGA proteins 42.3

My tests were

IGA 55

IGG 107

TTG 43

Do the test values change based on your age? Does anyone know how to read this? Although some of the readings are abnormal, so are normal right?

Any comments


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were you given the normal ranges with those result numbers? Usually normal ranges are like <20 or <10 it should say on the results. Anything over those ranges indicates a problem.

And different testing faciilities have different ranges of normal based on the particular test they are using.



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    • Yes, GFinDC you've got the gyst of what I am after. If I am reading your response correctly then, you think that inflammation in the gut caused by gluten ingestion is enough to trigger diarrhea, quite apart from the state of one's mucosa? That would be good news for me. More information on this inflammation reaction in the gut with gluten ingestion is precisely what I am after, but cannot seem to find. Because, as stated, as far as I know, D is mostly if not only, caused by flattened villi. OTOH, how interesting to hear from you, cycling lady, that you had flattened villi and no D! RMI, the link is quite depressing. Many appear not to have healed mucosas after a gluten-free diet. A repeat endoscopy is what is so clearly needed by many of us, but honestly I am a little wary of the risks.
    • No, they didn't test my ttg igg, which I was surprised about considering the low IgA and positive DGP Igg. (The tests they did were IgA serum, Ttg IgA, DGP Igg and IgA and gene testing) If he ever returns my call, I was going to ask him about that.  He initially wanted to set up a endoscopy, but I told him I had one last year (with my prior GI) and he said he'd take a look at it and we'd go from there, except that was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from him.  My prior GI did take biopsies, I believe to rule out H.Pylori and I was told biopsy results were normal, however, I didn't receive a pathology report or anything like that.
    • What GEE EFF said!  Look for incubators, some business schools and even community colleges will have classes  about starting your own business & info about financing one.   There is a lot more to a business then just making and selling and getting someone else to buy the food  Taxes - paying and collecting in different cities or tax zones, health department codes, liability insurance (vehicular and general business ), renting a health dept approved kitchen,  a small business lawyer to help you "become a real company", permits, "booth fees", etc.  You can probably avoid some of it right now, just selling at a local farmer's market.   add- You might check with your state.  Some states have funds or low interest loans.  It helps if you are a "minority".  
    • i've researched a little about the genes i have you can find out if they are assosciated with other illnesses/autoimmune diseases. but i don't think knowing the details of every gene is going to help diagnose you any futher than just knowing you have the gene becuse either way it just means you have an increased chance.  if you're iga deficient did you have ttg igg as well?
    • I don't know if there are any grants specifically for gluten-free products Ennis.  But the SBA in USA deals with small business startups and may have information to help you.   There may be small business incubators in your area also.  Sometimes they are associated with university business schools and the SBA.  Marketing a product commercially and labeling it gluten-free is a possible issue though.  There are now FDA rules on labeling products gluten-free.  So you need to study those before getting to far into it.
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