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Excellent Doctor Found--finally

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Posted 19 March 2004 - 09:03 AM

Hi all,

Well, after a host of frustrating appointments with doctors of a general practice, I went to a holistic chiropractor last night, and let me tell you, he was absolutely wonderful, and I think that a doctor of his ilk--the naturopathic, holistic type of doctor, would be really able to help a lot of you out on this board. He did something with me called Contact Reflex Analysis, which consisted of him pulling out a briefcase of pure extracts in tiny vials. He told me to raise my left arm up to the side, and put random vials in my hands and pushed on my arm with each one. If I was able to meet his resistance, I was not allergic to that type of food, but if I could not, I was allergic. It's a gold standard of food allergies, and surprisingly enough, I was not allergic to wheat, corn or oats, but sugar, egg whites, soy and milk. All of my symptoms were mimicking celiac disease, but this doctor was not convinced that it was celiac disease, but a severe case of other food allergies. I am not sure, but for those of you who are uncertain as to if you really have celiac disease or not, I would definitely go see a doctor specializing in the naturopathic/holistic field. The raised IgA antibodies in my blood were due to an overwhelming content of yeast in my body, and it was attacking my other functions, such as the pulsating heart, lack of energy (due to an adrenal dysfunction), stomach pain, diarrhea, joint pain and intolerance to cold. He then used a type of acupuncture method (but without the needles), which consisted of a q-tip kind of machine, and was painless.. he touched it on various parts of my hands and fingers and my toes and feet, and that showed on the computer the parts of my body that were most at risk for developing problems--my small intestines and my lungs.
Anyway, he prescribed me dietary supplements to take, which are Zymex, Multizyme, Spanish Black Radish, Drenamin, and Lact-Enz. He wants me to take those 3 times a day, except for the Spanish Black Radish, which is only twice a day, while following a sugarless, egg whiteless, milkless and soyless diet for about a week, and wants to see how I feel on Wednesday. He told me something very valuable--that the body is capable of healing itself, and eventually, I will be able to eat those forbidden foods again, as soon as my body is fully healed, and I am taking these dietary supplements. That was such good news to hear, and I couldn't stop smiling after I heard that. :lol: I am so happy right now, and I would highly suggest that you go to a doctor of his sort, if you are frustrated with the primary care doctors, and are unsure as to if you really do have celiac disease or not.
Anyway, that was my story...hope it helped some of you to some degree! I will talk to you all later.. :)
--Julie in Ma.
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Posted 19 March 2004 - 02:58 PM

    He did something with me called Contact Reflex Analysis, which consisted of him pulling out a briefcase of pure extracts in tiny vials. He told me to raise my left arm up to the side, and put random vials in my hands and pushed on my arm with each one. If I was able to meet his resistance, I was not allergic to that type of food, but if I could not, I was allergic.


I am glad you are happy. I do have an issue, though. If the pure extracts stayed in the vial, then they never came in contact with your system. I do not believe you can have any kind of a reaction to something that does not make contact with your system. It could be you are allergic to the vial itself, or your arm grew tired, or anything else. I just do not believe in that type of diagnosis. I do hope the new treatment works for you. It just smacks of witchcraft to me.
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Posted 19 March 2004 - 10:39 PM

I had that same type of test done on me years ago by a chiropractor. I did not request the test, he just started since I had so many stomach issues. Yes I thought the guy was a quack at the time. I was just trying to get out of the office. I was told I was allergic to corn, tomatoes, chocolate and I forgot the rest. I few years after this test I started having a really bad time of it with my stomach. Since I have a family history of "bad stomachs" and no insurance at the time, I slowly started self diagnosising to see the problem and sure enough Corn and chocolate were allergies for me. I got horribly sick after eating them including vomiting and passing out, etc . The really kicker is that almost 10 years after eliminating corn and chocolate from my diet, I tried them again and I could eat both with no problems. The past three to four years have been horrible for me terribly sick, massive weight loss, enegry problems, pains, blah blah blah. After numerous doctors I finially found one that was good and took a look at everything that was wrong and set out to find the problem. A little over a year later I was diagnosed with Celiacs (biopsy). I feel better today than I have felt in years.

The long and short of it is that I did not have much luck with the food and resistance tests you were describing. Maybe I had a quack, maybe my body was just on a slow deterioration, who knows. I still go to chiropractors and still quiz my doctors to find one willing to find a solution to my problems instead of telling me it's all in my head.
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Posted 23 March 2004 - 01:29 PM

I'm new to this forum, so please excuse and correct any incorrect behaviors. Thanks.

Congratulations on your good fortune. I had that testing done about 6 years ago, in my search for an answer. It was interesting, but since I have celiac disease, it didn't fix the problem. My only observation on all of these other treatments is that I am hoping that with all the new info available on celiac disease, that screening for it will become routine, as it is in Europe. Allergy tests, antidepressants and a lot of other treatments are great when they are the correct treatment. But I think a lot of celiac disease patients will be able to eliminate years of trial and error and pain by cutting to the chase and finding out what their bottom line problem is so that they can take care of that first and then see what remains after embarking on a GFD. So relieved to be GFD!

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Posted 24 March 2004 - 05:27 PM

I used to see a nurse practitioner turned holistic practitioner, and she did the same procedure on me-the arm resistance thing. It's fine and I don't think of it as "witchcraft", really, but I also would never have it as my main source of treatment! It's really more of a side treatment to compliment our usual medical doctors. I also would not trust anyone who told me to eat offending foods again no matter how much time had passed, if I had been diagnosed with celiac disease. That's a bad thing waiting to happen (the bad thing being possible lymphoma, for example.) There's nothing wrong with alternative treatment, but ignoring other types of more conventional medicene is a bad idea, I think.
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