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Back From Ct

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We were in Danbury, CT all last week visiting my FIL. Overall the trip was really good and we had a nice visit with my FIL and his wife. We went to Mystic Seaport and had a great time and we couldn't have asked for better weather that day. It was beautiful out. My hubby had misunderstood his dad's directions and we were headed to Boston before we realized we had missed our exit. Hubby was ticked but later we laughed about it. The rest of the time we spent visiting, swimming and hanging out in the hot tub. Friday morning we had to move rooms abruptly because water started pouring out of the celing over our bed. Someone above us plugged the toilet and it was overflowing. When we checked out on Sunday we noticed we didn't get charged for the last two days! On the way home we got side swiped by another car on the interstate. It scared the kids and myself, but everyone was fine. The other car pulled off behind us after the accident. They were nice people and were concerned. There was hardly any damage to our car(some scuffed paint), so my husband told the other people he didn't want to report the accident. They were happy with that and we went on our way.

Whenever we travel we always pack food and a cooler. We also stayed in a suite with a kitchenette so that was a huge plus. I couldn't believe the availability of products in that area. If you can imagine it, you almost certainly can find it. I went to the local Trader Joes. Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed. What I did find to be the most awesome place was a store called Stew Leonards!! OMG, I could spend all day in that place!

The boys and I survived my inlaws place without getting glutened. However, all three of us got zapped at a restaurant in Mystic on Wed. night. It wasn't to bad of a reaction for us luckily. Nothing a few zantac and gas ex didn't help. I'm still not quite right but at least I didn't get hit with major D. Youngest boy had a belly ache and oldest boy was had a lot of gas pain and bloating. Friday night my oldest boy broke out in hives head to toe. We battled the hives till we got home last night. I broke down and took him to the ED because he was so miserable. He got an epi shot and steriods and was sent home with a RX for steroids to take for the next 4 days. I checked with the allergist this morning and said there wasn't anymore he could do at this point, but to check in next Monday and we would go from there. I'm not sure if it is one of his diagnosed allergies causing a flare or something he ate. To our knowledge he doesn't have any food allergies.

So overall we had a great time even with all the mishaps. They make for a more memorable time. :lol: :lol:


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I'm heading to Mystic next week - can you tell me where you got glutened?? Thanks!


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    • New to this gluten-free life
      Kareng is correct.  There are also a number of good reference books on celiacs and gluten free issues.  Also several magazines.  The main thing is to find out the hidden and unusual sources of gluten, and also to be very careful when eating at restaurants.  I got glutened quite a few times at restaurants before I learned to triple check and began to find safe places.  Good luck. 
    • Kidney disease question
      Hi Matt, Since celiac impacts the whole body...I think kidneys are affected.  I have kidney stones and they are super fun(not) and my urologist says that it's fairly common with celiac and malabsorption.  I don't know specifically about kidney disease, but when I was in the hospital passing my stones...prior to passing, my GFR was around 60.  A few weeks later when my doctor did bloodwork it was 87.  Here is some info that may help.
    • Most New Celiac Patients Show Normal Bone Density
      Some doctors recommend that patients with newly diagnosed celiac disease get scanned for bone density. Several researchers recently set out to assess the bone density results in a cohort of patients with celiac disease. View the full article
    • Kidney disease question
      Hi all,   I don't know whether kidney disease is celiac related or not but hopefully someone here can advise.
      I recently had a general blood test as I'd been feeling unwell. I think I've been glutened tbh but I also felt lethargic and out of sorts. I asked for thyroid and other levels to be checked. Frustratingly they didnt run the TTG - something I'm really down about. Anyway, The doctor looked at my test results and told me (via the receptionist) there was nothing to worry about. Given past experiences I requested a paper copy of the results and I found the following under the renal profile section:

      Renal profile 142 (135-145)
      Serum Sodium 4.7 (3.5 5.3)
      Serum potassium 5.5 (2.5 - 7.5)
      Serum urea 93 (62 - 120)
      Serum creatinine 93 (62 - 120)
      GFR 77ml/min/1.73m^2 - STAGE 2: CKD only if other evidence of renal damage

      The doctor is presumably happy with this but I'm a little concerned. Should I ask for a doctors appointment and perhaps a urine test? Is the GFR result on its own not sufficient reason to investigate further? 
      Many thanks for any advice you can offer

    • Test Results
      Thank you, guys. I will let you know how it goes sometime after 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning. 
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      Hi There, I don't know if there is a place for videos in the forum. I just watched "The Truth About Gluten" I think it is a good video. I would like to share it somewhere but don't know where it should go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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