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Posted 14 April 2012 - 05:26 AM

If I am that inflammed and super sensitive, is it really possible that I could be reacting to almost everything that I put into my body? It just seems so crazy and unrealistic.

This will be a long answer, sorry, but I will try to answer all the questions you posed and provide the dietary guidelines for reducing salicylates, amines, etc. I have been in your shoes and I feel for you.

For someone to be allergic and reacting to almost everything is unusual, but I was the same way for several years and even after DX-- for many months. Yet, all allergy testing and IgG food testing revealed nothing except...a severe soybean intolerance (in addition to the celiac and a secondary dairy intolerance that has since resolved)

Even when I eliminated all soy products, I STILL felt lousy. Why? I was not healed yet. If the gut is leaky or damaged, food intolerances arise ( so is the prevailing thought.)

I'm sorry you are suffering and it IS perplexing, but unless you have severe allergies which is NOT the same as food intolerances, the best explanation anyone has ever given me for bloating and feeling swollen (advice from my trusted GI doc and many veteran celiacs )is long-term inflammation from my system being ill from the celiac. Until it dies down, you will feel lousy and it will seem as if everything you eat is giving you grief.

Hon, honestly, none of us can tell you WHY you are inflamed. We are all offering suggestions about foods and supplements and an approach to eating that has worked/failed for us.

Some people have a sensitivity to soy and the salicylates in foods. Others react to MSG and "amines".

I have had seemingly "allergic" reactions while very ill from the unDXed Celiac (multiple chemical intolerances, itchy, burning GI tract and mouth, sores on my skin and sores on a peeling scalp, swollen itchy eyelids, and a feeling that my skin was too tight and burning. It was very painful). It started to subside after going gluten-free, but I still felt like I was "swollen" , so I took out many of these foods to see if it would reduce the inflammatory response in me. It helped and then I gradually added foods back in--felt fine--and then, I had the same histamine-type response occur. Why? who knows? I had allergy testing done and it revealed absolutely nothing right?... yet here I am with swollen eyelids and edema and bowel issues after eating scallops and crab last week and shrimp on Sunday. Too much shellfish, I guess. :rolleyes:

What does this mean? that's the hard part. No one can say for sure why some people recover quickly and some celiac guts do not automatically recover and allow us to eat without pain and issues. IT takes TIME is the only answer.

This is frustrating for us all. I live in 24/7 pain and I wish it would stop right now, but all anyone can tell me is...it takes time for the inflammation to die down. (I hate that answer! <_< )

We are trying to help you with suggesting some foods that we know could well cause this problem in you. You can try eliminating them and see if it helps. I used the Failsafe diet. It is very strict but it takes out the sals, the amines, MSG, preservatives and chemicals of all kinds, and any other foods that have been shown to cause reactions in people.

When you use this term, inflamed...do you mean you "feel swollen" or are you BLOATED in the abdomen or are you red, itchy, that sort of thing? For me, inflammation causes swelling in my hands, feet and face and basically, I feel as if I am a stuffed sausage in casing that is too tight and my skin actually burns. :blink:

To spare you the googling, here is a summary of the list of foods on the Failsafe Diet. It is very strict and excludes amines, sals, dyes, preservatives, chemicals, MSG etc. You can try it, but I warn you--it gets boring. :rolleyes: If you have a dairy intolerance, it is even more limiting. I am no doctor, so this is not medical advice! Prickly and Bubba'sMom and everyone--we are just tying to help.

here is the website

Eat only these foods:

White rice
brown rice
white potatoes
canned beans
green beans
brussels sprouts
fresh, unroasted cashews
chives, coriander, garlic
iceberg lettuce
gree scallions
Irish butter
goat milk
buffalo milk mozzarella
sour cream
plain yogurt (re-sealable top)
farmer's cheese/cottage cheese
plain cream cheese
ricotta cheese
small individual pears in syrup
fish, crab, lobster, scallops
white sugar
rice syrup
maple syrup
Lyle's golden syrup
decaf instant coffee
gin,vodka, neat or with soda

Hope this helps.
My best advice--for what it is worth--please try to calm down. Try to stop stressing. (I know, easier said than done, right?)
Take epsom salt baths.

Good luck and let us know how you do.
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