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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Blood Test Results Opions

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I wanted to post my blood test results to see what other opinions are. I'm not sure how I can be "mildly" positive so I was hoping for more insight

tTG IgA (U/mL) range 0-15 result: 25

Gliadin IgA (U/mL) range 0-15 result: 1

Gliadin IgG (U/mL) range 0-15 results: 1

IgA, Total (mg/dL) range 69-309 results: 397

I found out I was pregnant 2 days after receiving these results and I'll be honest...I haven't gone 100% gluten free. My pregnancy has been going well and my baby girl seems to be fine. I'm currently 28 weeks.

Thank you for your time!


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You probably have celiac disease. Your Dr. has likely seen numbers up over 50 and even over 100 so he's saying you're "mildly positive", but that is clearly a positive test. It's difficult to get a false positive TTG test so chances are very good that you're celiac. I assume you didn't go through with the celiac biopsy because of your pregnancy?

If I were you I'd go 100% gluten-free, at least until you are done nursing. You can challenge and look into a biopsy later. I'd want to be absorbing vitamins and minerals as well I possibly could for the baby's final growth spurt and nursing. Being probably-celiac and eating gluten is risking far more than you probably realize. It's so easy to be low-calcium, low-iron, low B12, and pass those deficiencies on to a baby. I'm very glad to hear she's healthy, and going 100% gluten free is the best way to keep her that way. :)


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