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Anyone Trying This Month?

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 09:39 AM

I'm not sure why I feel I have to write this to you mommies to be. Maybe because my son's birthday is in a matter of weeks.

I went for my first pregnancy appointment and they draw blood and do a quick pregnancy test and start to determine what week of pregnancy you are at. That went fine or so I thought. The next appointment I was having an internal ultrasound because the HCG level was soo high. The doctor was looking for multiples or if the pregnancy was many weeks ahead. The ultrasound showed one "blastocyst" with no heartbeat. (you kinda know you are in trouble when the terms are everything but "baby".) The doctor told me it would be best to end the "pregnancy" immediately and to he was sending me to the hospital accross the street. He said a level the high for a single pregnancy would surely mean a deformity even if there was a heartbeat and it appeared that the HCG level had dropped. He pressured me forever to just get the abortion. He finally backed off when I told him I just need to talk to my husband.

By the time I did tell my husband what was going on, I started to think it was time to listen to my own body. I still felt pregnant. I checked the pregnancy information book, some information is just a guesstimate timeline. The heartbeart should show up in the five to six weeks timeline. I decided to at least wait until wait should be the 6th week. (The Dr. said it didn't really matter that a spontanious abortion would surely happen during the week.)

I waited that week. My husband went with me to the next appointment. And there it was "blinking like a star in the dark midnight sky" a heartbeat. :D Doctor ~ Fired.
I was off to find a different OBGYN.

Speculations on what happened... Lab screw up on the blood test. A twin that did not survive could have blocked the view of the living heartbeat.

He will be 13 in a few weeks and is 5' 7" 147 lbs. athelitic build. No developmental disabilities. :)

Moral of the story people will tell you horror stories. (even doctors) You body is built and designed to do this and have a lot of faith. ;)

You too??

I had a sonogram at apx. the same time, but normal blood work. Sonogram didn't show a heartbeat and they couldn't get me in that day for a better sonogram (my OB was livid).

We saw his heartbeat 3 days later. My OB was beside himself - we were working off dates I gave him and he wanted to adjust forward a week...I let him because I wanted a later due date (less chance they'd push to induce). But hubs and I know when our son was conceived - there was only one date it could have been due to travel, schedule - September 11, 2001.

I remember thinking the same thing - I FEEL pregnant. He's not going anywhere.
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