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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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People Looking To Lose Weight May Stand To Lose A Lot More: Fad Diets Could ... - Sacramento Bee

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People Looking to Lose Weight May Stand to Lose a Lot More: Fad Diets Could ...

Sacramento Bee

Despite the fact that celiac disease impacts one per cent of Canadians, and up to six per cent being gluten sensitive, the gluten-free diet has gained popularity as celebrity 'authorities' and those promoting fad diets make unfounded weight loss claims.

Battle over bread: Are wheat and other grains really anathema to healthy eating? National Post

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This is a press release from what traces back to the wheat lobby pushing changes in the school lunch program so they can continue to get U.S. Federal Ag subsidies and have product placement in a captive market.

By the way, there goes Shelley Case, "registered dietician" again, trying to have her status as "the" gluten free expert and pushing the wheat-eating at the same time. <_<

That was titled at the SacBee to a press release, btw, from the "Healthy Grains Institute" which is an alleged non profit. (which is seeking funding from entities like Cargill ? get real) I am having trouble with the google search engine on finding a website for this "HGI," the only thing I've found is a pdf download from the "" which details their yearly meeting, which, when studied, shows they are just another wheat lobby trying to get more wheat into schoolchildren under the guise of it is going to be "healthier," see here: pdf download of 2008 meeting summary of the Whole Grains Institute Read This and Be Astonished at the Cluelessness


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