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I Immediately Think Every Symptom Is Caused From Gluten...

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I have been gluten free for about two years, and it has made a dramatic change in my life. (I won't get into all the symptoms and issues I had) I have five kids and they each have there own set of issues and I believe that most of their symptoms stem from gluten intolerance as well. I also have brothers and sisters that I believe have issues. I was never diagnosed celiac, so I think that is why I never completely take my kids off gluten. Our home is gluten free, but they eat lunches at school and so on. Does anyone else feel like they jump to gluten being the cause of symptoms?

My son came home from basketball practice tonight (12yrs) and said he could hardly run, because his body and head hurt so bad. He has many stomach issues that come and go and is sent home from school often for headaches. He does have many other unrelated issues, like a kp rash on his arms and face (but maybe they are all related) Dr's don't seem to worry, because he is overall a healthy child! My other son won't eat for days at a time because he feels like something is stuck in his throat (had throat study done and came back fine) My girls all have different issues as well.

Just thought I would see if anyone else has become obsessed with gluten symptoms?


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I don't think I became obsessed... I saw the symptoms more often in people but I could be right. Right?

I saw GI symptoms in 2/3 of my kids. I made them gluten-free and those symptoms have largely improved. I think the only way to know if your kids are celiac is to test them, and likewise the only way to know if they are non-celiac gluten interant is to follow the gluten-free diet strictly. Perhaps give it a try and you'll be able to stop wondering. :)

Best wishes to you and your five.


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I have one son with celiac and one without. My celiac son complained for a YEAR of not feeling well (fatigue, joint pain, etc.) and I assumed it was from gluten - somewhere in our gluten-free house. We restricted his diet even more (no processed foods that were not specifically gluten-free), no eating out, etc. etc. I was at the point were I was going to hire someone to come in to my kitchen and find the elusive gluten. Turns out he had lyme disease. Now I know better than to just assume it is the gluten.

My poor older son, I am constantly asking about his bathroom habits. He still gets tested every two years, but sometimes I feel we need to go in sooner. Mood swings, headaches, fatigue, etc. All PERFECTLY NORMAL for a 10 year old . . . but I still wonder.



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I totally understand how you could relate every symptom to gluten! After reading hundreds of posts and stories on this forum as well as dozens and dozens of medical articles, I have come to understand that celiac disease can be the ROOT of so many other conditions and symptoms. And it can be so frustrating when most doctors want to treat superficially and only what they see on the surface. We were fortunate with our oldest son -- our primary care physician was in the early stages of TRULY learning about celiac when I took our 16-yr-old for his physical. He was 5'3", in the 10th percentile of his peers, was not growing, had delayed puberty, but no other symptoms (that we recognized at the time). My concern was the short stature (pituitary? thyroid? just the card he was dealt?). Our doc wanted to run blood work, but emphasized that he was ordering a celiac panel. Tests showed tTg of 70 (<20 negative), so endoscopy was ordered. The GI doc said visually everything looked normal -- but the biopsies came back positive. We immediately went gluten-free with him and he grew over 7 inches in less than two years!

In the last two weeks, our daughter has presented with itchy blisters on her legs that broke open, got progressively larger and more angry looking, and now look like open sores. Of course, our new doc (we moved last summer), says it may be impetigo. I insisted that she be tested for DH, but he wanted to give it a week of treatment and go from there. I said I didn't want to wait a week. So we are moving ahead with the antibiotics in case they are infected, and I take her back in in a few days for the skin biopsy. Personally, with our family history, I prefer to rule out celiac before we run the gamut of every other condition it COULD BE! He was not as convinced, obviously, but reluctantly agreed to what I wanted.

That's a long story just to say "go with your gut!" Even with just a little bit of research on celiac disease, it's hard to not to see every symptom as related. I share your obsession Happy!


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I am taking my oldest son to his dr tomorrow. I am going to have them run a cbc and a celliac panel. He comes home constantly with headaches and bellyaches. He is constantly in the bathroom, and says its normal bm, but i no it's not... He also has had little bumps on his arms and face for the longest time. It may be nothing but I need to know!!!


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    • No actual diagnosis/genetic results.
      About 30% of people have a gene for Celiac.  They don't all have it because only about 1% of the population has Celiac.   It is quite possible she has something else that is causing her trouble.  Sometimes eliminating gluten helps that problem, like FODMAPS.   If it were me, I would keep her strictly gluten-free for a year or so.  See if anything develops.  Then I would try her back on small doses of gluten.  If it is something like FODMAPS, she may be able to tolerate some gluten after a while.  I would do that for 3 months .  If she is having issues I would then get her tested with a full Celiac panel and, if positive, an endoscopy.  Even if the panel is negative, if she is having issues, I would pursue more testing, ends, colonoscopy, etc. For schools to take a gluten-free or any special diet seriously, you will need a doctors note.  I am assuming US might be different in other countries.
    • No actual diagnosis/genetic results.
      Hi- new here but have been reading a lot of posts (Long post, last two paragraphs have actual question)  my four year old daughter probably has celiac but I don't know if I'll ever get a definitive diagnosis at this point.    Backstory: growth Delays, GI issues and a few other symptoms as a baby/young toddler. Did not have blood work done but went straight to biopsy which was negative. Always still had suspicions that gluten bothered her.    Started developing more symptoms around 3, by 3.5 they were pretty bad and her dr recommend eliminating gluten. (Blood in stool, rashes, low grade fever, joint pain, stomach pain and bloating, behavior issues) Everything cleared up quickly! Yay. Still had occasional gluten because I was under the impression it was "just an intolerance" and her symptoms kept up/got worse with each exposure. (Developed vomitting as most recent symptom) So I wanted to know if it was celiac. Can't do blood or biopsy since she's been mostly off gluten for months by this time.  I really was hoping to have a concrete answer and diagnosis, So we did genetic testing recently. It came back positive for half of DQ2 (beta subunit). Her dr isn't giving her official diagnosis but says "she is at a fairly low risk" but with her symptoms doesn't that mean she has developed it??!   Either way he says to keep her off gluten but I don't understand why he won't diagnose? Right now I am just telling people (besides family) that she has it because it's too hard to explain it all but do you think an actual diagnosis would be beneficial in any way? Should I push the issue with her dr? 
    • Awaiting Biopsy Results
      Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Gemini. I appreciate having additional insight into my situation. Celiac being the cause of my health issues makes more and more sense the more I learn about it, and eliminating gluten sounds more and more like the right choice for me.
    • Did Jennifer Esposito Leave Town Amid $43 Million Gluten-Free Bakery Lawsuit?
      The topic of this forum is "Celiac Disease - Publications & Publicity," so certainly it fits in here, and in fact, this topic is designed specifically to handle any media coverage that relates to celiac disease and/or the gluten-free diet.
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      We use Florajen 3 as well. Most pharmacies keep it behind the counter so be sure to ask.
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