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Help With Results...

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Hello, My daughter is 2.5 and her big sister has Celiac (the only person we know of in our family).

She has had a couple of weird things happen.

1./ rectal prolapse several times over the last 8 months.

2./ Constipation since birth despite being breastfed exclusively for 8 months, and she still nurses.

3./ She has had ear pain, and loss of balance (were she just falls over). Going to ENT next week.

We were referred to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital. They tested her for celiac and cystic fibrosis. Her results have come back negative (see below). I just feel like something isn't right. She has a HUGE HUGE belly but is just normal everywhere else - not skinny in the limbs. She seems really gassy too in comparison to my other daughter. She often gets dark circles.

Anyways that is just a bit of background. Wondering if anyone might have some thoughts on her results, as I know they can me inaccurate for a 2 year old.


"The sweat chloride is negative (<10). Her vitamin D is low (68). She should take daily supplementation consisting of 600 IU daily. Her TTG is negative; IgG 1 and IgA 0.

I hope this helps. Her hemoglogin is ok, iron slightly low, 6, but her MCV is 84, so nothing to do right now about that. Her ESR is elevated at 21 (1-10), however, it does not indicate anything specific. It is an acute phase reactant, which means if she was getting over something, coming down with something, it would be reflective."

So what do we do going forward? Test her every year? I found it really hard to get her gluten into her everyday since we now have a gluten-free house. I wish they would do the gene test so we at least know if she is a carrier.



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Kinda hard to know without knowing the ranges for those tests (ie: 0-19 being normal, 20-29 weak positive, 30+ positive is what mine was).

She could very well be NCGI (non-celiac gluten intolerence). It mimics many of the same issues as celiac, but without the antibodies and the damage.


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How much gluten was your daughter eating, and for how long? It sounds like she may not have been exposed to a lot of gluten in her life for such extreme reactions, even if her tests were negative. Did they run a total serum IgA on her? And if so, what were the results? The low D and iron, and the elevated inflammation (ESR) are telling.


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That was my feeling Mushroom. She has been living in a gluten-free house for 5 months now, but I did give her one serving of gluten a day, plus she had gluten when we went out. I still worried it was not enough though although the GI doctor said it just had to be a serving the size of her palm.

My older daugther was originally tested by a naturopath at 2.5 so perhaps I will try that and see what those tests say (different than what they do at the hospital). I will make sure to really gluten her up for 6 weeks?!


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With the potential gluten ataxia (balance problems, falling down) it may be that the celiac is manifesting more neurologically, too, if the ENT gives her the all-clear. Has she been having gluten all along or just for a pre-testing period since you say your are a gluten-light house. Did you ask the nurse about the total serum IgA? It would be a good idea to get a copy of her test results and keep your own file (I always recommend this); that way if you have to go to different doctors you always have her records with you.

Yes, I think a good six-week glutening, while it will be tough on her, will be long enough, and it doesn't have to be every meal.


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I agree with Mushroom completely. Total Serum IgA is very important.

Symptoms along with first degree family and low nutrients is very telling.

No need to overdo during challenge - just be consistant.

Have you and Dad been tested?

Hang in there :)


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      If you cant be sure then don't eat it!  
    • Gluten does WHAT to the brain?
      I'm ok, just a little tired right now.  Lots of stress getting elderly parents and in-laws taken care of. My thyroid took a dip low (no surprise there) so I had to increase dose by a quarter grain. Overall, I am not dragging all day but waking up and getting going in the morning is slowwwwwwwww.  I'm sure you understand that! Yeah........Barty.  I thought of her for DAYS on end and it just saddens me to no end that such good people are the ones being taken.  Sometimes life is just so unfair. We all know that but there are times when it really hits you in the gut. There are times I think they are the lucky ones with the way the world is going these days. This terrorism plague is unnerving and I am really getting mad about it. Dear God, please stop this shyte!  I also miss nvsmom and others who have not been heard from. I hope she is feeling better and is just busy with life.  I got glutened on vacation about 6 years ago on the first day in Liverpool.  Jeez, was I sick!  I know how you feel but take heart........that was the last time I was bagged on vacation.  The longer you are gluten free and heal, the faster you recover from hits. You also get very good at not being glutened. It has been almost 2 years since it happened to me last so after 11 years gluten-free, I think I am doing well with that. I still have a little work to do with the vitamin D levels but I work so seeing much sun isn't happening.  My levels have doubled but they are still under 50. This whole Celiac thing is a part time job!
    • Test Results
      Hang in there is hard and frustrating.  Good job getting that appointment moved up.  I've done too...I've called daily looking for cancellations.  I can also remember counting down the days until my appointment.  ((((Hugs)))) and please let us know how it goes.
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      Miso soup has gluten in it, doesn't it? =/ I know that I've been avoiding it, which is a big shame because I adore miso!
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      Hi guys. I know this is a topic that has come up before, but I'd appreciate a little bit of advice. I've been 'courting' a guy for the past few months; nothing has happened yet but we have a proper date in a few weeks which is likely to lead to kissing. He didn't even know what a ceoliac was until a few days ago; I don't think he'd caught the hints that I'd been dropping beforehand. English isn't his first language - he's east Asian. Anyway, I've heard about being potentially glutened via a kiss. How do I broach this? I don't want to scare him off or make him think that I'm a lot of hard work; I know, I know, he's going to have to accept me as I am, etc. but for someone new to the entire thing, it is likely overwhelming. It would be for me if I'd never heard of it! Do I laughingly bring it up beforehand? We aren't going for food so if he isn't eating, just having a cup of tea, will I still need to be careful? If this seems safe, do I just let him kiss me and then bring up afterwards that any future kisses after food will have different precautions?  It all feels so clinical! He's a lovely guy so I do think he'll be understanding, but if anyone has any advice of first hand experience on how to approach the topic without it being a weird moment, that would be great.  
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