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    Did You Miss the Gluten-Free Fireworks This Past Fourth of July?

    Jefferson Adams
    • Fourth of July celebrations in the town of Springdale, Arkansas got a bit more fun and interesting when a sign advertising "Gluten Free Fireworks" popped up near a fireworks stand.

    Did You Miss the Gluten-Free Fireworks This Past Fourth of July?
    Caption: Image: CC--MATSUOKA Kohei

    Celiac.com 08/14/2018 - Occasionally, Celiac.com learns of an amusing gluten-free story after the fact. Such is the case of the “Gluten-Free Fireworks.” 

    We recently learned about a funny little event that happened leading up to Fourth of July celebrations in the town of Springdale in Northwest Arkansas. It seems that a sign advertising "Gluten Free Fireworks" popped up near a fireworks stand on interstate 49 in Springdale. 

    In case you missed the recent dose of Fourth of July humor, in an effort to attract customers and provide a bit of holiday levity, Pinnacle Fireworks put up a sign advertising "gluten-free fireworks.” 

    The small company is owned by Adam Keeley and his father. "A lot of the people that come in want to crack a joke right along with you," Keeley said. "Every now and then, you will get someone that comes in and says so fireworks are supposed to be gluten-free right? Have I been buying fireworks that have gluten? So then I say no, no they are gluten-free. It's just a little fun."

    Keeley said that their stand saw a steady flow of customers in the week leading up to the Fourth. In addition to selling “gluten-free” fireworks, each fireworks package sold by Pinnacle features a QR code. The code can be scanned with a smartphone. The link leads to a video showing what the fireworks look like.

    We at Celiac.com hope you and your family had a safe, enjoyable, and, yes, gluten-free Fourth of July. Stay tuned for more on gluten-free fireworks and other zany, tongue-in-cheek stories.

    Read more at kark.com


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    I guess I fail to see the humor in this.  Mis use of marketing terms can lead to confusion for firework manufacturer s and other distributors and retailers of fireworks.  It may help generate traffic to the store, (at the expense of celiacs, ) but it likely can cause confusion for the industry. It's possible other firework retailers are asked how come they don't sell gluten free fireworks. I've worked phone center lines in past  and this would generate business for him and countless unnecessary calls as well as false advertising claims for others. Does Mr. Keeley charge more for them too? I hope he donates some of his profits to a celiac charity. His disdain is overt.

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    "Gluten Free" is such a funny punch line, rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

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