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Not Eaten Gluten In 4 Years . . . Is It Safe To Now Eat Gluten Again



I was/had been gluten free for 4 years.

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I have heard that (maybe urban myth) that gluten doesn't bother me anymore.


How do I know gluten is bothering me again before it is too late?


I am still regular even when I ingest gluten accidently or can't resist cheating.


All I can think is my gluten allergy has gone away.


Is this possible? Or am I just pressing my luck for I relapse in to gluten sensitivity again,




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I had just answered the question does vilous atrophy heal J. Podi.

See my profile.

I want to know could I be in remission and I didn't think the moderator would let me post something that might be considered heretical thinking.

I have no symptoms that last more than the two weeks medically speaking that is defined as diarrhea or constipation.

It just medical science doesn't understand why I no longer have symptoms.

If I am right that it is possible and I am not out of mind then my Gluten Sensitivity is in remission!

I wanted to see if any one else had tried gluten after letting their villi heal.

30+ year sufferer before diagnosis and have been eating gluten cautiously for 40+ months after being gluten free for 4 years.


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Short Answer is no. I have celiac disease and I also do not know when I am glutened. However I still had other less noticeable symptoms like anemia. You cannot just "get over" celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. Damage can go very slowly in some cases, and you would slowly poison yourself until you are back to square one.

Head over to the top bar of the site and click on "forums" then go to the "Celiac Disease - Post Diagnosis, Recovery/Treatment(s)" category and click the "start new topic" blue button near the top right of the topic list. You will get more input and help there.

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How can it be self promotion when the name of the book was not mentioned. No title was given. (As moderator moderate out offending references don't ban the whole post is the consideration I ask) when I spend hours taking the time trying to help fellow sufferers like myself.

Either way I was trying to establish like many on this site once a sufferer you arm your self with knowledge like every one on this site/blog is presumably trying to do.

I was just trying to share what I learned and where I learned it so as not to plagiarize someone else's work.

I will now cite Jefferson Adams who contributes to Celiac.com an article from 10/30/2013 that raises the same question.


Can/does low stomach acid contribute to NCGS. Jefferson Adam's indicates it can and I believe did in my case due to STRESS!


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Road/Way Back Timeline

Dear Gluten Intolerant,

This is not something I have arrived at easily, or accidently I believe but by the grace of God.

I think it is important to give you a time line of sorts for my gluten problems.

After 35+ years of not having a definitive diagnosis when I got the Celiac Diagnosis (which I prompted my doctor to check for) I studied diligently from the day I was confirmed serology 30 days later with a dramatic drop in my antibodies (though as you probably know) began feeling better within in weeks.

The doctor didn’t have to tell me what my body already knew!

That was 7+ years ago and my journey to health began that day.

After 3 years of reading any and everything I could about CD I began to realize I might not have Celiac disease at all but an old but now seemingly forgotten disease (with similiar symptoms following the established medical protocol of a differntial diagnosis method . . . think the TV show House where they take a week or a month (in on hour of coure) to determine IF not this disease then what disease does he/she have) and that a vitamin deficiency/dependency (read about Functional Medicine) might be the real cause of my problems. The primary problem resulting in a gluten ravaged GI as the 2ndary symptoms.

I am writing this blog about that opus if anyone will listen. I hope you will consider what I say and the Lord lead thee in understanding 2 Tim 2:7.

I have been helping my friends for a couple of years now (those (the few) that listen) with 90pct success rate from GERD and other GI distress because STRESS has set the body against itself. Is peace possible (digestively speaking)?

May be? if it a vitamin deficiency like beri beri, or scurvy or ricketts is?

All complex disease pathways triggered by a single nutrient. Could the GI rest on a simliar cornerstone?

If you are yourself a fellow sufferer I can tell you what signs to look to tell if you are now safely digesting gluten in to harmless peptides.

I will just say as a word of thought. A healthy baby burps? Right . . . well a healthy adult should too!

Do you burp (not soda’s) but do you burp when you eat/drink (even water) burp like a baby if not you will have distension, pain, diarrhea, constipation like a baby who has colic who sufferers from undigested food because their systems can’t handle proteins yet.

What is Gluten and or Lactose even but proteins that some people's digestion system struggle with digesting.

The question really is why is someone’s or other people’s GI system strong enough to digest gluten and yours’ is not.

This bloq is about that question.

Hopefully you and others’ will believe and be helped as I have been.

It is a new way of thinking about the problem. Low Acid and its cause(s) Stress!

In 6 months’ time I can have you burping like a baby (if you do not already) or one of your friends’ who have a gluten intolerance or lactose intoerance (if what I say is true) a prophet in a sense of being able to tell you in the future what will/can happen IF you do as I suggest.

Such as begin burping for the first time in years and years and years if you don’t NOW already burp when you drink water or eat something/anything.

Like I say in another place like a cow chews cud . .. after every meal. The burp is our cud metaphorically speaking.

It is not magic . . . just a different or hopefully the right way of thinking about it if indeed what I say is right and in 6 months you are burping REGULARLY you will be once a day regular (and your stool will sink to the bottom).

. . . . this is not the end of the road but the beginning.

It will take at least a year for you/their confidence to return and maybe considerably longer to actually try gluten again but I am not suggesting that they/you try gluten only that if you/they are accidently glutened when OUT outside the home you/they will be protected.



P.S. FYI after 3 years of a steady even digestion cycle of once a day movement and regular burping . . . I now no longer get glutened by background gluten when the waiter messes up my food.

I can occasionally cheat on/with gluten . . . a bit here . . . a bit there on the weekends with no upset.

Now 4+ years into my remission and I am STILL amazed that this is even possible.

Posterboy by God’s Grace 2 Cor 1:3,4

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Golden Cross of Digestion

This is correspondence with a fellow sufferer. I am including it here for information purposes only.

** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such. Results may vary. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical regimen.

This may help to digest the food but does it actually repair the intestine and keep it from “leaking”? That is what I understand is the bigger problem.


I understand your skepticism?

Yes and no is my best answer.

No there will be no medical proof that the small junction pathway that gluten key ways through the lining of the small intestine but yes . . . if the gluten is digested into harmless peptides in the stomach that no longer get stuck in gut (small Intestine) wall allowing it to leak.

Damage is done in the upper gi because you don’t have stomach acid to protect you from these difficult and dangerous proteins when UN digested.

Low stomach acid has now been linked to a probable cause of damage to the Small Intestine before and/or occurring with a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) or Celiac diagnosis.

I cite Jefferson Adams from celiac.com


Note how he Jefferson Adams starts the article “Rates of celiac disease and the use of drugs to inhibit the secretion of stomach acid have both increased in recent decades. A research team recently set out to explore the association between anti-secretory medication exposure and subsequent development of celiac disease.”

If these medicine are lowering stomach acid what cause effect relationship does/ could this have on Celiac/NCGS diagnosis is what he is postulating.

He goes on to say without being very technical (read the whole article for yourself) that

“The data clearly show that patients who use anti-secretory medications are at much greater risk for developing celiac disease following the use of these medicines.

The fact that this connection persisted even after the team excluded prescriptions for anti-secretory medicines in the year preceding the celiac disease diagnosis suggests a causal relationship”.

If even after a year OFF these medicines your chances of developing Celiac Disease (CD) not to mention even NCGS which is much more prominent surely he is correct in postulating that there is a cause and effect relationship between low stomach acid and NCGS/CD or aka as a gluten allergy.

Surely there is something we can learn here.

Gluten especially is able to mimic the bodies defenses leading to the autoimmune reaction that leads to a leaking gut but IF gluten does not make it to the lower intestine (but smaller peptides) then the key (gluten) no longer fits in the lock and door is affectly locked shut and the gi can begin to heal itself.

There is a golden cross of digestion.

1) do you burp

2) are you regular (1 a day)

3) do your stool sink (not float)

Think triangulation.

Any three known points on a map give you a known location commonly know today as GPS or Google Maps.

If all these things happen then your gi is no longer being stressed and the gi can begin to heal itself (though) complete recovery of the villi can take 2+ years to return to normal absorptive powers before gluten tore a hole in your stomach (small intestine) but the distress can be gone in 6 months as evidenced by the above symptoms.

You need not suffer distress while the doctors figure out that UN-digested gluten, UN-digested anything not gluten per se as I say UN-digested anything (Lactose anyone) is the trouble.

Pellagra is comorbid I believe with/in most GI diseases.

And the medical cure for pellagra discovered over 75 years ago IS a niacin deficiency presenting with DIGESTIVE disorder.

See this article from gluten freeworks website for more information.


If I am wrong you have nothing to loose, it is only a vitamin that doctor’s already tell people to take. Most doctors use high dose niacin to treat cholesterol as first line therapy titrated up in small steps.

Better yet if in 6 months to a year you stop taking it since you have built up your bodies’ natural defense against gluten (and all foods really) you won’t need to keep taking it. I haven’t taken niacin(amide) in over two years and I still am (dis) stress free.

Because your’ God given burp will be a sign that your natural defenses are high.

Should stress became greater than your dietary intake for a extended period say 3 to 6 months then your burp will go away and irregular movements will return.

Shocks such as loss of job, death or divorce or even stressful events like child birth can trigger the need for niacin in 1/3 of the population when the stress of life maims us first . . . then kills us the 4th D of pellagra.

Remission from Comorbid Pellagra is possible which should greatly reduce most of your GI symptoms in six months -- not a cure because stress can bring it back.

I hope to hear feedback (if my theory is right that Pellagra is comorbid with GERD/NCGS) from many people that they are feeling better (burping) in six months.

If I don't thats ok too. I just ask that you tell someone like I am telling you know of my experience with Niacin(amide) so they won't have to suffer anylonger if indeed it helps you as it has me. Thanks be to God!

Posterboy by God's grace 2: Cor 1:3,4

2 Tim 2:7


P.S. I just crossed my 55+ month anniversary after suffering 30+ years with a Niacin deficiency.

I am still golden.

That is why I writing this blog not to tell my story of a fellow sufferer but to help those that are still suffering why the doctor’s look for proof! when 70+ years ago they discovered the cause (I believe) of 90+ % of all digestive disorder when they discovered the cause for pellagra as a niacin deficiency but it has been so long that now they do not recognize it clinically

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