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April 2019 Update



This month started with nice April fools from life, My quiche this morning, was a blend of Almond Flour, coconut flour, riced broccoli, eggs, califour Plant pizza crust, pumpkin seed meal,  and almond ricotta cheese. I topped with a few tsp of sauces on one end and dressings on the other. ANYWAY I think the broccoli from KetoandCo had a pebble in it -_-  I bit into it and it broke my new crown on that front tooth, no damage to the post but cracked the back of the crown and it fell off. 

So I had a big change in my diet this last few weeks, I was eating large 8 egg breakfast quiche/omelet, small konjac porridge lunch and large nut meal porridge for dinner or even another omelet for dinner and vomiting every evening, and never put on weight. 
What I changed is I eat the same breakfast always mixing up the contents and seasonings, but my lunch I take an hour later and I have either the porridge or quiche. Then fast 16 hours on only green tea and black coffee. I had to adjust my meds also and added in creatine to breakfast and lunch. What I am seeing is 4lbs of muscle gain in 2 weeks. Abs are better defined, arms are measuring larger and chest and back muscles. My weight training and workouts go more reps and heavier weights now, I will cover this later
But vomiting stopped. YAY

I had a funny thing happen with a doctor, they billed me over $74 even after Medicare coverage, I got the money and messaged them about online payment which was down, nothing 5 days later, I am needing groceries so I mail them again with a disclaimer and that failure contact me in 24 hours about receiving payment was forfeiture of debt owed. I explained they never followed up with testing or for a GI referral they wanted to check me with. THEN 72 hours later the day I had just spent the money they got back to me...after I pointed at the sent message and offered baked goods and services in exchange out of good faith they let the bill go.

I am consuming more also now, my quiches are built around nutrient profiles, IE almond/coconut flour 1/4 cup each mixed in with a seed meal 2-3tbsp with egg whites and maybe one whole egg to  250g, 100g nut milk or water and 1tbsp psyllium husk,  I sometimes add in more protein powders, I split this into 2 of them, one I add stevia and leftover baked good and ooodrops to for a sweet dessert quiche, the other I might mix in Vegan bacon bits (coconut flakes seasoned) some turkey sausage/bacon/burger, almond-based cheese of the week (I make a new batch every week from ricotta, cheddar, mozz, gouda, cream cheese, or queso) over the top, maybe some cauliflower pizza crust or my bakery's savory breads in it, along with my some veggies 1/2 cup in or in a side dish stewed, and perhaps top with a sauce like a primal kitchen dressing , mayo, or BBQ. I blend these before either pouring into a 8" skillet or using a nordic ware microwave omlette maker. It makes a supper soft, easy to digest quiche, I can under cook them to give a dough like the texture and often let them set up in the fridge a day before pulling out and just cooking them up in the mornings. I also will have a green shot of 1-2tsp home green powder, hemp paste, and cocoa powder for the nutrients.

I am being driven a tad mad, I spend 3-4 hours a day going through sales post looking for the perfect 22' step van for a food truck base, just so I can feel I have my foot in the door. With only 2k in savings, I am going through salvage, and government auctions hoping to find something that just needs a engine swap or has hail damage. Best deal I found was a top of the line Freightliner for 28k >,< but they go 36used normally 64k new. So hard to find the right model with A/C, good frame, and the right size. A workhorse w62, Freightliner mt55 or a P1200 will work as long as the body is 22' -_- I need to fit that restroom in, and have enough storage and room for a kitchen and to store enough to operate without a commissary. 

Farmers Market here in Ennis is coming up, I am opening with the bakery offering Gluten Free, Paleo Hamburger Buns, Sunbutter Cookies, Shortbread Cookies (taste like those in the steel tin), cheesecake almond butter, and any request for cakes/cupcakes. All these are Paleo, and Sugar-Free/low carb
With my Food truck business name, I am doing tent sales. there I am offering Beef Stir Fry for lunch and Eggs on a stick for breakfast (eggs cooked around either turkey bacon or turkey sausage on a stick)
Can not wait for more income, so tired of scaping by, let the savings for the truck grow.

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Sorry to hear about the tooth Ennis. That is a bummer. I am glad to hear that things are improving with your hard earned fitness routine - great news. The change of seasons and farmer's market arrival also gives you the opportunity to increase exposure and income for your pending food truck  venture. Good luck this season.

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    • By Ennis_TX in Daily Life and Compromising
      Well, I saw a new PCP about a month ago, completely useless, and then charged me a ridiculous co-pay I could not even afford (I got out of this on a technicality on their part). Anyway, he just heard my issues and got me an appointment with a GI doc. I saw the GI doc yesterday told him of my issues and the random daily cowpie like BMs on and off I have been having since a gluten exposure in August.  He got me arranged for dual scope next week. The best thing is I only have to pay a $60 co-pay. Finally some updates on my GI tract.
    • By Ennis_TX in Daily Life and Compromising
      To Frankenstein, a dish in the name of experimenting is quite common with food. I recently did something with funny results and lessons learned I think some might find amusing.

      So my concept was to make a gluten-free soft moist brownie and sugar-free. I have done this with thick nut butter like sunbutter before, and iffy results with thinner ones. But I wanted something moister, so I had some avocados >.>. Yeah this is where the Frankenstein reference comes from. But bit of a heads up, you want super ripe ones, as the flavor is less strong and they process better.
      Started with about 1cup mashed avocado in a food processor, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup (100g) each of Swerve Sweetener, almond meal, and cocoa powder, then 1/2 baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt 1tsp vanilla. THEN I melted a 3oz lakanto bar and mixed with 2 tsp coconut oil and poured it in and processed it all into a batter 8x8 parchment lined pan and baked 30min. Drizzled with chocolate and chopped pecans. 

      The conclusion is the avocado made it fudgy and moist, and not dry. But the avocado flavor left a strong after taste, Covering with cinnamon for a Mexican chocolate brownie would be advisable.  BUT this gave rise to a great revelation. take this simple base and use Kite Hill Cream Cheese instead next time! if the cream cheese flavor shows through like the avocado and keeps it moist the same these would be awesome.

      >.> The mind of a mad cook is crazy at times is amusing, we combine foods trying to use the texture aspects of one ingredient to improve the base recipe, and see how the flavors combine. Then see about coving or altering said flavors or subbing a similar textured ingredient to gain a better flavor. 

    • By Ennis_TX in Daily Life and Compromising
      Just realized I messed up on the easter roast a bit.
      My chef side was like, Rub the meat with 6 cloves of garlic and some sprigs of thyme and olive oil and let marinate for 24 hours, set to room temp then oven 275F 3 hours with celery, beef stock, and onions and finish 350F with the potatoes, and carrots 1 hour, let the meat set on plate strain the broth, simmer in saucepan to reduce and thicken with coconut flour or egg yolk and stir with rosemary sprig.
      My family used to do it minus the herbs and garlic, like just do simple black pepper, onions, celery, and add in the veggies later. then thicken the juices with white flour to make a gravy all super simple.
      Ramsey side be like, Rub the meat with 12 cloves of garlic and some sprigs of thyme and olive oil and let marinate for 24 hours, set to room temp then sear in a skillet on high and roast open in roasting pan with garlic and tyme at 375F for 45 min (med rare) or a hour for medium, then set the meat to a platter and place roasting pan over stove on low heat with 4 large onions cut thin, for 20-30mins stirring til caramelized, sift in 50g of coconut flour and 500ml red wine and bring to a boil til reduce by half then stir in 1.5liter hot beef stock and cook over medium heat til a thick gravy forms
      Really annoying have inner chefs arguing over how to prepare a dish in my head. I sort of just take tips from all points of view and sometimes get mixed up.
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