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How Can I Find A Dietitian Who Specializes In Celiac?

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Do they not have one at the hospital you were diagnosed?  When I was diagnosed Celiac, my specialist put me in touch with one at the same hospital.

Under active thyroid; diabetic; hiatus hernia; acid reflux; dairy intolerant; arthritis; sciatica due to spine degeneration; diagnosed with coeliac disease November 2011; fibromyalgia; allergic to Thyme & MSG and alcohol. Allergic to TCP antiseptic, and plasters. Taking medication for severe muscle spasms in upper back.

Despite all, remaining positive!

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Ask the doctor that diagnosed you. If they are Naturopathic doctor, they should be all about getting you to see a Nutritionist. Any nutritionist will have the knowledge you are seeking to help you with the gluten free diet.

Diagnosed Celiac 04.2012
Gluten-Free 04.2012


Diagnosed Pituitary Prolactinoma 12.2012

Low Cortisol/Possible Addison's Disease 02.2013


Maybe one day I will feel "normal" again. <3

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