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Bad Experience At My Endoscopy Today :(

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 I made them aware that I was allergic to Demoral (?) and ended up getting a lower dosage (even though I still vomited after my endoscopy). .



I'm allergic to Demerol -- that is what caused the itchy first endo -- since then they have used Versed (not sure of spelling on that one) and I just have had a nice nap each of the last three times.


Undiagnosed Celiac Disease ~ 43 years

3/26/09 gluten-free - dignosed celiac - blood 3/3/09, biopsy 3/26/09, double DQ2 / single DQ8 positive

10/25/13 - MCAD

Health history since celiac diagnosis became too long -- moved to the "about me" section of my profile

My children and I all have multiple copies of the genes for Celiac Disease, along with large variety of symptoms/resolution gluten-free

Current tally from me, three kids and two grands: 4 diagnosed with Celiac Disease, 2 NCGS


ALWAYS independently research health related information found on internet forums/blogs.

"LTES" a Gem :)

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Oh Miss Marie, you have just described my worse nightmare. I am so sorry you experienced that (big hugs) but hopefully its over and done and you won't experience it again.

In my procedure the sedative didnt work either but as soon as I started to grab the tube they stopped what they were doing. My diagnosis took alot longer because they based it on blood test and positive gene test etc.

Hope they give you an accuate result and you can put the trauma out of you mind.

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

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Hi frieze thanks for the info but I'm pretty sure I saw them putting the medicine in my arm so its not been used for anyone else lol :)


Raven there was a lady who asked me questions like when was the last time I ate anything etc but they didn't say who they were so I'm not too sure, but it doesn't sound like there was one now. Is there supposed to be an anaesthesiologist at every endoscopy?


Carisima sorry to hear you had a bad endoscopy too, I wish the endoscopy doctors would use better medicines and make sure the patients are properly sedated first.


Whatsit thank you but I've decided not to make a complaint because they have apologised for it and they said they were going to have a meeting to tell all the staff there so hopefully that helps to ensure it doesn't happen again to anyone else. they are really nice staff there and I'm sure they didn't intentionally try to do the wrong things etc.

they would go thru the motions, but unless you saw them take it out of the box, there is no way to know for sure...

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This same thing happens to me. Versed is the medication (midazolam) and is a amnesiac. That means there is some sedation but it mostly keeps you from remembering. If we don't have painful memories, there isn't pain or trauma in our minds. 

But for some of us, it doesn't work. The next time someone says they will sedate you, ask how because we don't all react to Versed the same. Report this and previous experiences before agreeing to future procedures. 

It is horrible to wake up during procedure and even though aware, there is enough sedation to cause confusion and inability to communicate. Find out who will be present for the procedure and who will be responsible for anesthesia. Have a way to communicate with them in the event of finding yourself awake like tapping on something, raising your hand or blinking. Make this agreement in writing on the anesthesia consent that has to be signed by you, the anesthesiologist or CRNA and another witness.

It doesn't happen often but it does happen so it's not like the medical staff has never seen it before.

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Sorry to hear that you had a bad time at your endoscopy too Carisima, hopefully your next endoscopy will go well for you. I'll make sure I tell the doctors before every future procedure about making sure I'm asleep etc, and hopefully it never happens to us again x


Thank you Veggie gal, it was my worst nightmare too and I still cant believe it actually happened, I hope too that it never happens again. I'm going to ask on wednesday to see if my results are back yet, hopefully they can tell me that they found signs of celiac on the biopsies, then I will start that gluten free diet and see how it goes x


Frieze ohh okay I didnt see them take the meds out of the box so I guess there's no way of knowing :(


Ksee I wish the versed worked on me and took away the memory of the procedure, I would have been okay with it then. Okay I will make sure that they know about my bad experiences with the sedatives before, thank you for the advice :)

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