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I've Been Tested Once, Should I Get Tested Again.

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My daughter was diagnosed with having celiac disease 6 years ago. My son, husband and myself all had the celiac panel done and everything came back negative. My question is should I be tested again? I seem to be having a lot of tummy issues, not really sure as to what is causing it. I'm not necessary saying that it is celiac but it's definitely something. Help!

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I too have heard it's a good idea for first degree relatives to test every 2-3 years even if they have no symptoms. If symptoms are cropping up, i would definitely try testing again.


If the test is negative, you might want to consider going gluten-free anyways. I am a celiac but my three boys tested negative in spite of two of them having some symptoms; the whole house went gluten-free and their symptoms went away in short order. Just something to consider... :)


And welcome to the board.

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