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Safe Early Childhood Room..

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I am puting something together for the early childhood center that my two youngest attend classes.  The center is extremely accomodating and they would appreciate this guidance.  These would be helpful suggestions, not requirements.


1. What would be approved gluten-free sensory table fillers?  I know beans/lentils would be great.  What about potato flakes?  Are they all gluten-free or just some brands?  I also considered cornmeal, but now I'm questioning if there would be CC.  (Today was pasta noodles and I kept her out - she snuck back over twice and I washed her hands.  I also know that oats are a no-go.)


2. They've already offered to remove the play-doh when she's in the room.  They also disinfect the table for this.  I know it's possible to have CC from previous classes, but I'm working on immediate needs right now.


3. Snack.  Here's the problem - they don't have any gluten-free snacks, mostly graham crackers, goldfish, etc.  It is perfectly acceptable for me to bring in something for my kids (nut-free, of course).  In her space at the table should I clorox wipe it before she eats?  My husband was thinking that buying her a metal lunchbox and having her eat OUT of it would be ideal.  Your ideas would be welcome!


4. I am going to call over and find out the brand name of the paint they use to check.  Any other items that I should check on that I just wouldn't consider?  Can you think of brand names (or a website with updated lists of such things) such as gluten-free paint, glue, etc.  The woman in charge said she would greatly love to know safe things for my daughter.  I can find several of these things on blogs, but I would like them from "official" organizations so it holds more weight.


Thank you so much.  These ideas are mostly for my 1.5 year old, but my 3.5 year old often attends the classes with us.  Today was our first class since getting the diagnosis and I walked away with the mental wherewithal to get more information!  There sure is a lot to consider when we're talking about a fairly non-verbal kid that can't recognize gluten!

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Hmmm.  What about rice?  Potato flakes should be gluten free (verify the label) but seems kinda messy if moisture is around.  Dried corn kernels?  I take it no nuts... I'll keep thinking.


There really is no need to disinfect surfaces, unless for sanity reasons.  The one area of concern I see would be crumbs left by the other children then transfered to play toys.  Do they eat snacks in a separate area?  If the kids are not allowed to carry food around then there should be no problem.  Eating out of the lunchbox sounds great and will keep other little hands from helping themselves.  




Sounds like you have it under control, good job Mom.



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