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Safeway Open Nature Frozen Food (Chicken Enchilada)

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Hi everyone,


Any of you know if the frozen chicken enchiladas made by Open Nature (Safeway) are gluten-free? I dedicated about 10 minutes to looking for it online (10 min being I can afford) and didn't find anything specific to the chicken enchiladas.


Thank you.


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I don't have Safeway in my area, but I can say that the most effective way to get this information is directly from the company. While it can be helpful to get information online, trusting your health to what is effectively random people on the internet isn't the best course of action. You can email or call them. This will allow you to find out not only about that product in particular, but inquire as well about their labeling practices and manufacturing processes. This well help you in the future to make quick decisions about products from this company just by reading the label without having to contact the company or worry about whether or not something is truly safe.


There are some companies who always clearly disclose every possible source of gluten. There are some who always list shared facilities. Some disclose shared lines. Some do none of those outside of what is strictly required by law, which is listing wheat as an ingredient on the label. (Admittedly this last group is very small, because it's like shooting yourself in the foot.) An email or phone call will let you classify where this company falls and will help you not only now, but long into your future.


(I'd like to make sure I'm being clear in my "random people on the internet" statement. There is a huge difference between intelligent conversation, advice, and recommendations that often goes on and outright eating something that may actually not be safe because "someone on the internet said it's gluten free." This latter is what I'm referring to, and is unwise and outright dangerous.)

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