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Hello all I am very new to all of this and don't know where to start, first of all how does everyone do it without getting solo paranoid about every thing! I'm about to wear.a hazmat suit wherever I go. Does any one get bothered by salsa? It's my favorite snack and I found one that only had a few ingredients and all were ones I could have also pepper I have had a reaction too as well anybody else had this or is it justme??? Thanks in advance because I truly need the help

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Are you saying you can't have peppers as well?  If so, I would definitely go the route of making your own.  Salsa is one of those things you really just can't mess up, but it may take a lot of tweaking to get what you like.  It also freezes well, if you don't want to mess with canning and want to make big batches.


Also, what are you eating the salsa with?  gluten-free tortilla chips are readily available, but not all tortilla chips are gluten-free.


Another thing is that, if your stomach and such is already prone to being upset, you may have to lay off the salsa for a little bit until you heal up some more.  As time goes by it will all be easier and you will be more knowledgeable and less freaked out and paranoid :)

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