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Inflammation On Right Side Of My Body. Anyone Else?

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No need to ask me to see the doctors about this.  I have seen more medical people this week than in the last 20 years.  My inflammation seems to be subsiding. ,It is nothing new. but I noticed my right thigh bigger than my left.  It actually goes further than that.  My blood pressure on left is very low.  On the right my blood pressure is high.


Since my chiropractor recently told me to figure out my lymph with my functional medicine nurse, I think it may have to do with that system.

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When my mom had that, it was from heart disease.  But heart disease takes a real MD to diagnose and treat.


 You said that the MDs you are seeing have noticed this and think it is OK?  If so, maybe it isn't really that much of a difference.  It would be normal to have small differences in size and blood pressure.  

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Have you ever noticed that they usually only take the pressure in one arm?  Well, the other day a nurse took the pressure in my left arm and found it quite low.  Days later a different nurse check my right arm which was dangerously high.  I realized that this high number was much different than I get at home.  As I puzzled over it, I realized the pressures were in one arm than the other.  I took the pressure in each arm and realized 20 points or so difference.  I checked on the internet and one could have 10 points different between arms.  Mine was a bigger difference and I showed them my numbers from yesterday.  But today during a recheck my numbers were within 10 and both within normal range.  I will be keeping track and working with various doctors on this.  I want to solve the swelling by finding the root and avoid medication or meddling when I can.  But


 am being told my lymph system is having some trouble.  Lymph drains different on each side of the body.  I am planning to ask the GI if they have any ideas.  I added many foods back in after my antibody test and have been losing one by one of them with a 4 day reaction.


I did have my heart checked recently by LIFELINE.  They did note an almost 10 point difference between the arm pressures.


I will keep trying to work on this and off I go today to another doctor.  Should be interesting.


 I am off to interview a GI doctor.

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