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Getting "glutened"

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My 2yo son hasnit officially been diagnosed, blood and endo both negative, but the GI still thinks he has it. I feel like I struggle with this because, he looks so good off gluten I forget about him waking all night screaming, big belly, and loose stools! It's like I think it was all in my head.

Anyway, once in a blue moon he would get gluten accidentally and be up at night again or have diarrhea. Yesterday he took a bute of regular bread off someone else's plate. He didn't wake up or have diarrhea. He did seem super tired the next day.

Do symptoms change once you have been gluten free for a while? Do kids always severely react?

His lack of symptoms have me wondering if I am crazy with the whole celiac thing. (Even though GI said she thinks he has it)

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Not everyone severely reacts, and symptoms vary widely.  Some people don't get GI symptoms at all, and may get fatigue, brain fog, and neurological symptoms.  Each person has their own set of symptoms, and over the years they can change either increasing or decreasing in severity.  So, no, you aren't crazy. :)

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