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I wanted to say hello to all.  I am new to this forum.  


My subject is not one of 'how to' it is more about money.  I am curious if everyone is struggling like I am with the money situation involved with celiacs. 


Here is my or should I say my granddaughter's story.  After returning from a foreign country I learned that my granddaughter was adopted without notification to me.  I won custody after a long court case and soon after she was diagnosed with Celiacs.  We have struggled with cross contamination to dangerous temper tantrums and after a long process I believe our 'system' is working for the better good of her.  However, most of my finances go toward her food costs.  I make all of her food at home and DO NOT use the frozen processed gluten free items in the grocery store.  So my question is does anyone on this forum have resources or sites that will reduce the amount of money I am spending.  


I would appreciate any suggestions also.


Thank you

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Unfortunately eating gluten-free costs a bit more, even if you do use whole foods and do your own cooking. If you had chosen to use processed or boxed foods, it would cost even more.  About all you can do is buy the gluten-free flours and ingredients in bulk. Don't use mixes. Try to find inexpensive sources of fruits, veggies and meats - maybe a farmer's market?


Stick with staples that are naturally gluten-free like rice. Mashed potatoes are cheap. I buy generic frenc fries for my boys - probably one of their favourite junk foods.


I do most of my baking with coconut flour, which calls for ridiculous amounts of eggs ($$) so I substitute in applesauce or bananas or cream. It's still more expensive than regular muffins but waaaay cheaper than what you would buy in the store.


Best wishes.

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I was told that you could deduct the cost of your gluten free food on your taxes.  Keep your receipts, it all adds up.  This is coming from my GI I haven't checked into it yet but I am saving my receipts.


I have been buying stuff in bulk when it's on sale if I can freeze it, dehydrate it, or can it.  I also bought a food sealer, that has helped a lot.

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