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Can You Look At My Test Results?

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Hi all


Can someone take a look at my numbers for me and let me know what you think. My doctor said all was fine and I may be sensitive to gluten at times. I've been restricting gluten off and on for up to 2 years now which I know can affect the numbers. Would you do a gluten challenge and get some clearer results or is it safe to say I don't have celiac because of the really low tTransglutam IgA?


Anti- Gliadin IgA 0.8  (neg)


   range: Negative less than 0.9

               Equivocal .91-1.1

              Positive greater than 1.1


tTransglutam IgA  1.7 (neg)


   range: Non reactive <2.6

              Equivocal 2.6-3.5

              Reactive >3.5


Allergy IgE Wheat <0.03 (neg)


  range: <0.08 Negative


Allergy IgG-Gluten (Gliadin) 88 (equivocal)


   range: >65 Neg

              66-90 Equivocal

              >90 Elevated







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As far as tTg IGA, it is known and documented that celiacs can have a low IgA count to begin with. If your doctor is saying your low ttg IgA is a negative for celiac, he needs to run an "IgA total count" to see if it's normal or deficient.

On the other hand, you don't have to be positive for the IgA tests to be celiac. Looking at your last test (the IgG-Gluten) your numbers are high "equivocal" (which means open to multiple interpretations), and you are 2 shy of "positive". This would lead me to believe that the lab is telling the doctor to look further because some labs may can your 88 positive. That makes me think you should ask for more in depth testing, and an evaluation of your medical history and symptoms. But I would venture to say that it is likely you do have celiac if your symptoms are worse when you eat gluten.

(I am not a medical professional. I'm just giving my interpretation of your lab results as someone who has researched and has celiac. Please do not take my statements as medical advice, they are intended as what I would present to my doctor for further explanation/investigation if I were you.)

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Without a Total Serum IgA - test that makes sure you have enough IgA to assure you have enough IgA to make the IgA based celiac antibody tests accurate, there is no way to be sure of these results.

I suggest having these done in addition to what you have posted:

Total Serum IgA



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I just wanted to follow up here and add some info I was given. 


Just to preface this, my total IgA count is within normal ranges. And when my tests were done I had been gluten light for the past 2 years.


I contacted the lab that did these tests and enquired about the kinds of tests these were since someone had commented about the reliability of the tests I was given (seems that post was removed though?)


Anyways, the lab wrote back and said:


"The gliadin IgA test that we employ is a deamidated gliadin peptide test.  Both the Deamidated Gliadin IgA and Transglutaminase IgA are the recommended screening tests for Celiac Disease, which should be done after eating gluten containing foods.  The Gluten/gliadin IgG test is meant for assessing reactivity to the native gluten...as this test is designed for assessing sensitivity to the entire gluten molecule (which contains the gliadin in it).  This test is meant more for non-celiac gluten sensitivity rather than Celiac disease.  I hope this information is helpful."


I appreciated their response and in all honesty I didn't pay any attention to the Anti-Gliadin IgA only the TtG IgA. But that I look at how close my numbers are on the Anti-Gliadin (0.8 with 0.91 being an "equivocal") I'm wondering what that means… I kind of understand what the lab explained but if anyone else can add info that would be great.


I have just completed a 9 week gluten challenge and did another blood test and endoscopy with 8 biopsies so now I'm just waiting for more definitive results. 


3 weeks to wait… 

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My son was negative on all the tests you listed but positive on the TTG IgG and DGP IgG tests.  HIs biopsy was also positive for Celiac.  My results were the opposite, positive for the IgA tests and negative for the IgG tests.  Looks like you didn't get the full panel, so you cannot rule it out.


I have no idea what "sensitive to gluten at times" means.  I was under the impression that you either were, or you were not.  Not something that comes and goes.


That your doctor didn't do all the correct tests and is telling you that you do not have celiac tells me that you need a better informed doctor.

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