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My Multiple Food Intolerance Case. Useful Tips.

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Hello, everybody! I'd like to share with you my interesting case.


My problems started 2008, soon after growth spurt.

Most significant symptoms:
Severe brain fog. Low energetic level. Constant diarrhea.

I noticed that the symptoms always worsened after eating (especially at lunch). Among another tests I was also taken blood test for celiac, but it came back negative. In 2010 finally a diagnosis was given: multiple food intolerances. The worst of them were foods containing gluten (now I know I am extremely sensitive to gluten). After that diagnosis I have been on gluten free and low-histamine diet + a lot of other foods excluded. My condition has undescribably improved since then.


Most important experiments since 2010:

  1. Exclusion of foods containing gluten - bowel movement more solid, increase: energetic levels, decrease: brain fog
  2. Excl. of histamine containing/releasing foods - incr: en. level; decr: brain fog
  3. Excl. of most vegetables - bowel movement even more solid
  4. Excl. of gluten cross-contaminated foods - significant incr: en. levels; decr: brain brog
  5. Rotation diet (4 days) - incr: en. level; decr: brain fog
  6. Product Rotation Diet - incr: en. level; decr: brain fog
  7. Physical exercise - incr: en. level; decr: brain fog
  8. Enzymes - no effect
  9. Probiotics
      *taken in powder form only - no effect
      *powder cultivated in yoghurt - some incr: en. level; decr: brain fog

What I eat now are gluten-free grains (rice, millet, buckwheat, oat, lentilles), potatoes, variety of fruits/berries, some milk products, sometimes meat, some vegetables (pumpkin, tomato). I stricktly follow my Product Rotaion Diet. I also do physical exercise each day to help my body digest.


Although my symptoms have decreased very-very much, I have still not yet reached to the level I was before 2008. After each mealtime I have some symptoms (some brain fog and low en. level), starting 15 to 30 minutes after eating and lasting for 2 hours. This is likely because of leaky gut (although I'm not celiac). If I want to be completely symptom free I somehow have to achieve food induced elevated heart rate (read about it below at point 7), this will give me 24-hour symptom free day.


The most interesting fact about my disease, I call it Product Rotation:

Every food (with no exceptions!) that I eat has certain allowed quantity. If I eat more than allowed, I get significant brain fog and low en. level. Then I have to wait some time before I can eat the same food again.

This may seem similar to "rotation diet" which is applied in case of food allergies. Certain food family is eaten one day and then again after passing of 4 days. But I don't have any allergies. And the thing about food families also doesn't apply to me: I could eat rice only, each meal a different product of rice (could be even the same sort, just needs to be grown in different areas; although it is hard to determine whether two products labeled as the same sort actually are the same, they may actually be different sub-species). I eat one product maximum 200 grams (without starting of more disturbing symptoms) and then have to wait ca 20 days before I can eat exactly the same product again 200 grams.

The same applies to every food product: buckwheat, oat, meat, milk, fruits etc. For example allowed meat quantity is 60 grams and 10 days of rotation period, but during the same day I can eat 60g of pig meat, then 60g of lamb meat, and then 60g of pig meat from different company. In case of gluten the allowed quantity is almost non-existing.

My guess is that this is because of food intolerance - two different products have slightly different nutritional consistency, and when eating different nutrients my already meager digestive enzyme supply for certain nutrient isn't exhausted. Rotation period allows this supply to slowly regenerate.


3. Intolerant to most of vegetables. E.g. small amount of raw cabbage causes severe diarrhea.

4. Cross contamination - few grains of wheat can cause a week of brain fog and low en. level.
7. Physical exercise - elevated heart rate pumps toxins out of my body. The effect lasts from couple of hours to 24 hours. 24-hours when food induced elevated heart rate - this happens when my pulse hits up again after having first meal after sport and stays at 90 beats per minute for an hour. I am not always able to achieve this condition. Similar effect can be caused due to infection (fever causes constant elevated heart rate).
8. Enzymes - I've tried Veganzyme, Gluten Ease, Celiact, and some more
9. Probiotics taken during mealtime = low en. level + brain fog. This is also when I drink yoghurt (cultivated probiotics) with food. Probiotics have to be taken separately. I think this is because histamine intolerance - live cultures mixed with food cause its fermentation, fermented food contains histamine.

I've also tried some special diets (pH diet, Special Carbohydrate Diet), but they had no effect.

I hope my experiments will have some use for other people too who have similar condition:-) If you have noticed similar effects that I describe here, then please share your thoughts. Or I you have any advice to give me, then you'd be more than welcome.

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