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Cauliflower Biscuits

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After hearing about cauliflower pizza crust I decided to google cauliflower bread. I found several different recipes, some with 4 eggs, some with 2. Some added gluten-free flours, some didn't. Some had yeast, some didn't. Some had cheese, some didn't. Some were cooked on a cookie sheet, some in muffin pans. All of them had garlic or other spices.


I want to try making some but I'd like advice from any of the good cooks here who may have made some before. I would be nice to have a bread-like substance that had some nutrition, low calories, and low carbs.



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I'm all about the bread-like-objects. We should start calling them BLOs. :lol: I'd never considered something like this but if I could manage this successfully I could get a vegetable into my husband without him knowing. It's brilliant! ^_^

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