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What could be causing this?

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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has experienced this: 

i have gotten off everything with gluten, rice, dairy and even sugar. (Raw food diet plus a little plain meat) I was doing great for about a month, and now all of my symptoms are starting to creep back: depression, foggy mind, anxiety,mood swings, racing thoughts, etc. no gastrointestinal probs but I never had much of that to begin with. It's really discouraging because I thought I had a good handle on it.  Any ideas or suggestions? I eat a lot of seeds and nuts, vegetables, fruits and a bit of meat. 

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You are six months into then diet, but had a month of feeling good, right?  Perhaps you are consuming a hidden source of gluten.  Maybe go back to you doctor for a celiac blood panel to check for compliance?  

I was glutened in July.  I can not tell you what glutened me.  It was probably one product or one prescription medication that my gluten-free husband did not consume, but I will never know because I am not going to test it out!  My symptoms were different that when I was diagnosed, so I went in for the blood panel.  Sure enough my antibodies were high!  Took me two months to feel better and another month to get dairy back.  I thought that I was very careful (have been at this gluten-free with my hubby for 14 years and over two years for me.)

Gluten happens. ?. At least rule it out.  

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