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I've seen many posts where a Celiac whose gut has just healed is starving every 2 hours.  That's me, I guess.  Has anyone experienced accompanying EXTREME anxiety and abdominal pressure (as though a small child is standing on your gut)?  I also have Graves Disease and thought I was simply hyperthyroid.   Just got the results and not hyperthyroid.  I can't stand the constant feel of wanting to pull out my hair or scream.  I really wish this kid would get off my guts so I could breathe more easily...  Seriously, this has been going on for about 6 months.  Thanks for any responses.

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I am  not sure what your gut is healing from, but Anxiety is common in Celiac's (The other day,I saw a Celiac in the store crying and looking at Labels,and I asked if she was a Celiac, "How did you know?" She said. "Only Celiac's panic over food Labels!" I replied, then I helped her find stuff). Yoga, breathing, Pot, exercise all help! See a psychiatrist if you can. This disease is panic inducing. As for the Belly pain/pressure (putting on my Biochem hat here), it's most likely gas pain, which is the worst pain there is because it makes your normal pain (my back broke, seizure from nausea meds) worse! See a *****recommended******* pain doc. Be careful, some docs erroneously hate pot, so maybe look into their stance?)


Simethicone tabs will help upper GI tract gas, Activated Charcoal helps lower, but will render inert ANY OTHER MEDS YOU TAKE! Move, believe it or not just getting up and walking or swimming playfully helps move gas through! You'll fart more than you ever thought possible but the pressure/pain will ease. You could be getting Glutened, so be diligent. It takes 1/119 of a slice of bread to provoke Celiac! Gluten Free sometimes is misleading, make sure it's prepared for us! The sad mantra is "If you don't know, then the answer is no!" Celiac Safe is the label we need. 


Our malady results from the fact that we all have no enzyme to Cleave the Gluten Protein. Your body needs Amino Acids which you usually break down from proteins. Since Gluten enters as a protein, you can't use it. Bacteria can , do, and secrete gas! We also have a lower metabolic rate. They say we actually absorb only 75% of what we eat!



Hope that helps, stay clear of High Fructose Corn Syrup too. Bloats and causes pain/gas. 


Paul Soychak, B.Sc., M.F.A.













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Hi Manasota and (((hugs)))...I remember having a feeling of an inflated balloon inside of me.  It drove me crazy and nothing helped.  Walking, yoga...nothing.  at that point I looked into what things cause bloating...I cut out all foods that did.  It helped some.  Then I looked into additives that cause bloating and found 2 things that I was ingesting every day...inulin and carageenan.  Inulin was in my probiotic and carageenan was in my almond milk.  Switching my probiotic and cutting almond milk reduced my balloon feeling so much.  I don't miss it at all.  So just something to think about...if you are eating anything with either of those 2 ingredients.  Inulin is also called chicory root fiber.  Carageenan is added to lots of dairy type things to make them creamier.

Best wishes...I hope you find your answer.

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