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Yeast Extract- I'm confused

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Hello All,

I've been following this site for the past week as I have recently stopped eating all gluten as I'm confused it's the root of my problems. A celiac test was done but I was cleared, so I decided to do the elimination diet. I've been off for one week and honestly have already noticed a huge difference (who knew you weren't supposed to get bloated or feel disgusting after meals?) lol. My question is about Yeast Extract. I googled the board but the post was very old and wasn't sure if things have changed. I've noticed this in my Kraft salad dressing and the powder I use to make Chilli. I googled it overall and noticed a number of sites saying it is safe and the same amount saying its not safe. I asked a friend who is celiac and she said that Kraft dressing is not okay (but the website says it is). I do live in Canada (ontario) as I know many products use different ingredients depending on where you live. Can someone shed some like of the Yeast extract and on the Kraft salad dressings specifically fat free italian. Thanks! 

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Hi and welcome!

I can't answer the yeast extract question sorry but you and I are similar in that we don't have a celiac diagnosis. I chose to live as if the diagnosis was positive however due to the severity of gluten impact on my health and the risk of a false negative. As such, I've had to be very strict on the diet and so I avoid any 'maybe' items like the Kraft dressing you mention.  For gluten free to work it really has to be all or nothing, if you're intolerant even a small amount can undo all progress.

I came to the conclusion that my system was damaged, from the gut to the microbiome, the bacteria that live within it. My suggestion to you would be that, if you've exhausted the diagnostic process, you eat very simply for the next few weeks. Just eat whole foods and for salad dressing perhaps just olive oil and/or cider vinegar. Avoid processed gluten-free foods wherever possible and try to keep dairy and sugar intake down. Keep a food diary, what you ate and how you felt. This can be handy in tracking down any changes or a rogue product which affects you. 

Also look into 'healing the gut' on this site and elswhere online, that may mean taking probiotics or making bone broth or sauerkraut to try and boost the 'good bacteria'. At least it did for me :)

After some time eating simply, you can add some foods and see how you tolerate them. There may be a canadian food index for gluten-free products, your local celiacs society may be able to help there. 

Best of luck :)



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Thanks for the reply. I've done a full cut over the last week and plan to continue. I will give it a try down the line to see how it makes me feel and make the decision then however I'm convinced it's already working. I've had psoriasis for years with no clear up despite the topicals and yet in one week it's almost gone. Ive always taken probiotics so also a plus. I think it's just hard navigating things for the first time and want to make sure I'm taking out what I should be. 

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