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Ever since going Gluten Free due to Celiac's diagnosis in 2013, I have had really bad acne. I never had acne growing up and now that I'm 30, I have massing breakouts all over my chest, upper back, neck (to include hairline), and my face. I look like I have the chicken pox! They don't itch, but nothing sounds like HD. Before I try to miss work (I just started a new job) to go to the dr to attempt a referral to a dermatologist, does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions? My face is super dry now too, whereas I never had issues before!!!!

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I understand starting a new job isn't the best time to miss work but you surely need to see a dr and perhaps get a dermatology referral. If only to exclude anything like Cycling lady's link above. You have an auto immune condition and need to look after yourself!

Given it can take time to see a doctor, perhaps you could make an appointment for a few days from now, then go to see your new boss and explain - at least they can see you're not making it up! If they can see your genuine and that you understand and are concerned about how missing work having just started would appear then any decent employer should understand.  Emphasise this is very unusual for you and that you don't anticipate further lost time but need to inform your dr.

I have some acne like symptoms on chest, back, and face. They're not DH (I believe I got that later but another story) Folliculitis was the in itial chest diagnosis. seborrheac dermatitis on the scalp and neck. They improved on gluten free but  haven't resolved. A course of anti inflammatory antibiotics (lymecycline) did help as did nizoral shampoo and anti bacterial surgical wash for chest. 

The biggest single dietary impact on my skin is dairy, specifically milk (I'm not a big cheese or butter eater). If I had a latte I can see that on my face.  You may want to consider removing or reducing dairy to see if that helps? Finally search this site, there's some good info hidden away, eg


Good luck :) and welcome!


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I just moved to the area since getting out of the Army (stationed in Germany for the last 3 years) so I will call around tomorrow to see about getting a regular Physician set up. I have quite a bit in common with the Polycystic Ovary Disease. I have 2 children already but have been trying for another for the last year with no luck. If it is PCOS, then that would explain that portion and several other things. Thank you both so much!!

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