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Question re. my daughter in the process of getting diagnosed

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Hiya, we are in the process of having my 7 year old daughter tested for celiacs.  Her blood tests came back with one of her markers elevated, so she is now eating gluten every day for a month and then she will be getting another blood test to see if they have gone up - fingers crossed she doesn't have it. 

Her symptoms are.... constipation, very very small for her age, protruding stomach, wets her knickers alot, sore stomachs... but not all the time because she doesn't eat much gluten and eats mainly whole foods.

My question is - she doesn't always get a sore stomach straight after eating gluten.  So yesterday she had quite a bit of bread around lunch time, and then some gluten laden food in the afternoon.  She was absolutely fine, running around, all happy.

But then in the night, around midnight, she woke up with a really sore tummy and then had full on diarrhea.  However, this morning she is all back to normal 

So is it normal-ish to have such a delayed reaction to eating gluten if you have celiacs?  Or if you do have it, do you get an upset stomach straight away? Or can it take hours before you react? Or is everyone different?

- I'll pop this in the kids section as well.

Thanks! Melissa

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Everyone is an individual and reacts differently so to answer your question, yes, she can be fine for hours & hours & then the bottom falls out. Some people it's a day, maybe 2. AND the reaction as well as reaction time can change from exposure to exposure. 

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