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Is it possible to be gluten lactose and fructose intolerance

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I'v been gluten intolerant for 6 yrs but last week I was diagnosed with lactose and fructose intolerance.. it it possible to have all three I heard of having gluten and dairy but never all three... i was tested at the gi doctor. I am to go to a diatrition do they have to run the same tests even if I had them? 

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Yes, it is possible to have many different intolerances.  Here is one theory proposed by Dr. Fasano, a leading celiac disease researcher:



Some intolerances resolve on a gluten free diet and some do not.  Others can develop.  I suspect accidental exposure "getting glutened" can contribute to new and existing food intolerances or allergies, but I am not a doctor.  It is just a theory based on personal experience.  I developed rashes, hives and itching after a bad glutening last year.  For all I know (and my doctors don't know either), it could be a new autoimmune disorder.  I have two.....hoping a third never develops.  

I hope you figure it out.  The diet your doctor suggested might help and it could not hurt!  

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