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My weekend

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I had two experiences this weekend. One was unusual and one was not.

The unusual one happened at a restaurant. I had ordered a burger on a gluten free bun. We were waiting for our food for a long time and had just begun to speculate on what the hold up was, when our server came over to explain that my burger had been put on a regular bun and she had needed to explain to the cooks that they couldn't just swap the bun out. So they were busying remaking it.

It was so nice to have a server who is aware! She was used to dealing with allergy stuff for one of her kids, so she was really on top of it.

The not unusual experience happened at a party when someone who doesn't know my whole life story (which is what it feels like I'm trying to explain if I start in about the entire topic of gluten and how it relates to me personally) asked me how I know I need to be off of gluten.

The hardest part about that question in that type of setting is that it just takes too long to explain. I really want to have people understand the reasoning behind my choices, but I prefer not to bore the uninterested parties with details they don't care about. In the end I deferred until later and wrote him a long email instead.

How do you handle the question of how you know you need to avoid gluten? Do you have different answers for different occasions or social settings? I find that I'm usually at a loss for words because I want to be concise but my story just isn't a concise one.

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I am finding this to that EVERYONE is wanting to know why I need to be off of gluten.  If the setting is appropriate I attempt to give basic details because face it, some people just don't need to know the reactions I have during a gluten attack.   If they show a genuine concern but the setting is not right, I would let them know I can explain it later to them.  If they want to know right then, this would just tell me they were being nosy.  Sometimes the "acid" test may seem cut and dried, but the whole world does not need to know I have a problem with gluten  :).

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3 hours ago, Galixie said:

If only I had a medical diagnosis... ::sigh::

You can always say "It's medically necessary" leaving off the word diagnosis. YOU know it's medically necessary for you to not eat gluten so don't feel bad terming it the way I typed it. 

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