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As some may recall from my topic "Test Results" started a few months back, I have been through the ringer with getting anyone at Kaiser to listen to me about my digestive issues. I changed insurance, had a long consult with a new GI who specializes in celiac and gluten sensitivity who listened as well as educated me, asked me to try the low FODMAP diet, and then made an appointment with a dietitian  (see her in 2 weeks), and said he has to look at my pathology reports from the endoscope. I will see him in 4 months unless things don't go well.

I have been doing this diet, which is gluten free, and I have never felt better in my life. Three weeks in and I'm not aching as much, my stomach is not hurting (except I made some gluten free cookies from a package and didn't realize they had inulin, which I am not supposed to have right now. Bad stomach ache! Lesson learned), and I am starting to get my energy back. 

I will not eat gluten again, so my focus with the dietitian will be eating gluten free forever. I will never know if I have celiac, but I do know that gluten is the main problem. I will know for sure when I start adding back in foods that are higher FODMAP, such as the asparagus I love so much and can't eat right now.

Family members we are staying with are understanding and accommodating because their daughter is gluten free.

Just wanted to share my success!  

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Good for you!!! I know this has been such a long painful journey for you SSLRunner but you've reached the end now & I hope you have no more doubts and can live with not having an official dx. After all, your body did give you an official dx, it just isn't signed by a doctor right?

I am thrilled to hear you're feeling so much better!


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