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Awol cast iron stomach

Celiac.com community Thank you all the years of posts continue to help me as I struggle on this journey despite diagnosis alluding me

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Thank you for the forum/posts Celiac.com.  My journey on this still undiagnosed path continues. Celiac or NCGS who knows, but I always find myself back here with validation in one/many of you.  Here I often find myself and it provides comfort, recognition, and clarity despite lack of medical recognition. What is clear is I got glutened in March 2016 after 3 1/2 yrs. gluten-free (self & hubby diagnosed), could not complete more than 6 days of my recent gluten challenge, my past 18 years diagnosis of IBS is not my issue, and  Barrett's esophagus damage without GERD symptoms was found on endoscopy. Something has been plaguing my body gi tract for years and I believe it starts with gluten and then one domino after another falls systemically/symptomatically. My body beyond the gi  struggles to heal. Today I thank all of you and the post of:

 Red Dye # 40 Started by Cortneysmibro, March 20, 2012

I have been able to determine that the coffee issue is not coffee itself, but red dye 40 is added to many mocha or flavoring mixes even when gluten-free. Red dye used in food industry and restaurant products in my hypothesis wreaks havoc on a celiac damaged body. Check one more symptom Celiac/ NCGS spectrum box at Celiac.com for AWOL Celiac/NCGS self diagnosed hypothesis. My gi is damaged and the synthesized food molecules are wreaking havoc on me , just when I think I healed, I haven't.  I have got Gluten/Celiac damage even if the medical field can't scientifically measure/see it.


AWOL says thanks and Happy "safe eating" Thanksgiving to you all . Most of all thanks to the Celiac.com community for helping AWOL on this journey-I need all the help I can get on this frustrating journey! It makes me feel less alone. :)


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Thank you for the thoughts AWOL! I surely hope you can straighten everything out soon. I'm so sorry this journey has been such a wrenching trial for you. I applaud that you have not given up. Being a fighter has it's advantages. 

Diagnosis or no, you certainly have figured out that gluten is one of your problems so there is that. You will figure out the rest, I hope sooner rather than later.


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