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My Grandson Is Type1 Diabetic

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My 6year old grandson is Type1 Diabetic and has Celiac. His mom just found out in a couple of weeks ago. How hard is it going to be to find foods he can eat without running up his sugar. He comes over my house a lot any advice on foods he might like to eat

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Kuddos for you,  Mimi, for trying to keep your grandson safe.  Honestly, being gluten free is more important in many ways (and harder) than maintaining his blood sugar (insulin can be adjusted).    I would read our "Newbie 101" section under "Coping" for valuable tips.  

Most gluten free foods are full of sugar and carbs.  Look for natural treats like fruit, eggs, cheese, milk, meats, fish and veggies.  Cut them on paper plates (cutting boards can harbor gluten).  Consider keeping a bin of kitchen tools (dedicated pot, etc.) that you can use just for him when he's around (I keep a bin at my Mom's house).  Cross contamination is a huge concern.  Because there is intestinal damage, celiacs often have temporary intolerances.  The biggest one is lactose (dairy).  Check with his mom if they have determined if he has some intolerances.  For example, I was lactose intolerant.  Now I can have dairy, but I still have issues with garlic and onions, sausage casings, some gums (added to gluten-free flours), etc.  Everyone seems to have different intolerances.  

I think it's important that you sit down with his mom and talk about all the things you should do to keep him safe.  He'll learn too along the way!  His mom is probably working hard to digest all the gluten-free information and handling insulin to boot.  She might just pack food for him and bring it to your house for a while.  Learn all that you can online or at the library about celiac disease and TD1.    I like Jane Anderson at VeryWell for great articles about celiac disease.  The University of Chicago's celiac center has welcome baskets for kids.  They are a great resource too.



celiac disease is genetic.  It runs in families.  All first-degree relatives should be tested even if they are symptom free.  It can develop at ANY age.  

I am sorry that your grandson has both celiac disease and TD1.  But he can live a great life and odds are he'll adjust well.  


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