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Constipation and coeliac

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Hi everyone!


Okay so a few months ago i was diagnosed with coeliac disease .. but when i eat gluten, my only side affect is being constipated, but when i dont eat gluten i still end up constipated. Sometimes ill be able to do a bm and everything will be fine. But more or less im constipated, so much that is has given me hemmorhoids, im 20 years old, and now have hemmorhoids..... :( anyways.. today i tried to make a bowel movement and stuff was coming out. It was working,  but it was hard to pass.. my stool was hard and sharp,  anyways i checked the toilet afterwards to find out i mustve hit a hemmorhoid or whatever because i had abit of blood in the bowl, when i wiped it was just light colored blood which im assuming is from my hemmorhoids... BUT! I dont understand. The first 2 week of starting my gluten free diet i was taking the smoothest, easiest bowel movements ever. Then after that its straight back to how it used to be. I dont know what to do?.. do i just continue to eat gluten free and hope it gets better? 


Thank you, sorry about the details.. am just a little nervous

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Having celiac disease is like being in a roller coaster ride, when you newly diagnosed.  You will have good days and bad days for a while.  It takes a while to heal (weeks, months or years depending on damage).  It takes time to learn the gluten free diet and to learn how to avoid cross contamination.  Best to stick to Whole Foods instead of processed gluten-free Foods until you see some improvement.  Avoid eating out until you feel well.  Learn more about tips for coping:

Hang in there!  

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With the constipation issues alot of it related to magnesium absorption issues, It will help to keep moisture in your intestines and make it easier to pass. I suggest the Nature Vitality CALM version if you have constipation start with 1/4 dose 2-3 times a day and slowly work it up. The magnesium Citrate in it will help get you moving. If even at that does you have issues like Diarrhea i would suggest changing over to doctors best which is a chelated glycinate version which is much easier on the intestines and stomach......And yeah I know I used to have issues with no going for 5-10 days til I would get extremely sick and have to take MASSIVE amounts of laxatives.....I mean like boxes of exlax did nothing nor enemas and I was having to down 2 bottles of this super strong bubbly laxative.    Might want to get that checked to see if it is hemroids, My blood issues ended up being ulcerativecolitis

BTW try a whole foods diet really high in fiber and fats, also will help keep you going a bunch of nuts ,seeds, avacado, coconut, etc will help out alot.

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Hello and welcome. It can be frustrating to have things moving (yes my body likes this gluten-free thing) and then shuts down suddenly.

Like Ennis said magnesium is so important to support your body. Supplement as he suggested and focus on magnesium containing whole foods as well. Staying hydrated with water is crucial as well. Sometimes drinking a mug of warm water helps the body prepare as well. I at times have done a warm drink with coconut oil either in it or just taken off a spoon before drinking my wam water.

Should your body begin to indicate  a bio rhythmic pattern/ time of day for BM, honor it to the best of your ability. A slight pressure or rhythmic perstalic movement  at a particular time of day, a few days in a row, could be how it communicates to you its is ready to start a consistent pattern. Your body will get you through this. Your job is to listen and support it. That is not to say the path is free from bumps and frustrations, I still get them.

Lastly beginning a food diary may help, early on besides gluten-free, I find gluten-free grains and high starch containing foods can be taxing  to the digestive system. Initially after my gluten challenge I blended/liquified my food for two meals a day to try to lessen the burden on  my gi tract. I looked at it as a gi tract in shock.

Your gi tract is happy you figured out gluten is a problem, it's spent years working around the issues, it's relieved to be gluten-free. It's  asking for support and help from you as it heals as it switches "gears" so to speak with gluten out of  picture. It looks forward to less exhausting work but its saying give me sec to verify gluten is really gone and switch gears ok? The more simplistic/ basic you can eat, lessen the burden, makes its job breaking down /processing food easier, in turn it will reward you with more comfortable and consistent voiding.

Good luck and positive healing.

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I found a probiotic about a year ago that has been such a lifesaver as nothing else was working for me. You can get it on amazon if you are interested :) (prescript assist is the name).

Lots of water and stress management (think yoga or meditation).

Hope you start feeling better!

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