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I still don't feel much different.

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So I've been gluten free for 6 months. I gave it up the day of my endoscopy and never looked back. I was a fairly silent Celiac. My blood work was always normal (never anemic, malnourished), I didn't have all the horrible symptoms that others do. I think I caught it early and that those things were definitely coming. Since going gluten-free I notice that my belly is better. I still have days where it's not great, but in the last month I've noticed that it's consistently pretty good. I don't hardly ever get stomach aches. I've lost 16 lbs and I'm never bloated. Those things are good. But, aside from that, I don't feel much different than I did before. I'm still tired a lot. But I have two kids under 4 and I run a non-profit. I have horrible anxiety and that's only increased since finding out about my Celiac (it's health anxiety and it freaked me out big time that I have an AI disorder). I feel like my complexion looks the same (never had an issue with that). 

I just read stories on here that talk about how the brain fog lifted quickly, or how people don't feel tired anymore, etc. I'm still a zombie sometimes. Has anyone else has this experience? Maybe my body was doing such a good job compensating for my Celiac that I wasn't really very symptomatic to begin with - and that the tiredness I feel isn't due to gluten. 

Oh, FYI, I had a full thyroid panel done in December and it was all normal. 

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Some of take longer to heal.  Cut yourself some slack.  A busy working mother with small children is both rewarding and taxing!  

You know what  I asked for on Mother's Day?  No cooking, food prep, or cleaning.  I do not want to go out (just too busy of a day for most restaurants  and my fav gluten-free restaurants are a state away).  I just want to take care of myself and not others.   I guess I have had a history of ditching my responsibilities on Mother's Day.  My SIL would watch the baby at her mother's house (with my hubby) and I would ride my bike to the beach, order a coffee and read!!!!).  I celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday with my Mom.  When my daughter was old enough to want to make me breakfast, I opted for lunch after my bike ride and coffee.  

Hang in there!  

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