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Celiac and Levaquin or PFC Chemicals

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I was diagnosed with Celiac 6 years ago, microscopic colitis 11 years ago.  In April 2016 I had my appendix out.  I was put on Levaquin and another antibiotic.  About a week later my bowel symptoms improved so much, I thought I found the cure, have your appendix out.  About 5 weeks later things went down fast.  I have had severe diarrhea since.  Finally went to the gastro in December.  Yes, he asked more then once how long I had the diarrhea for, but prior to being diagnosed Celiac I had it for years, so I didn't think much about it.  He first put be on Budesonide EC 3 MC Cap treatment from December until sometime in April when I  started weaning off of it.  My symptoms then returned as bad, if not worse then before starting treatment.  So back to gastro.  I asked to be put back on the Budesonide, and in passing told him I just found out I had been exposed to PFC Chemicals in Oscoda Michigan, not thinking much about it.  He put me on Apriso (mesalamine).  I wasn't thrilled, because I knew the Budesonide worked.  He said you should not be on it for more than a year.  I had 8 more months before hitting a years, but the samples were free and the other stuff is expensive.  When I got home I looked up Apriso.  It is used to treat Ulcerative Colitis.  I've never been diagnosed with that.  More research on PFC Chemicals, and it is linked to causing Ulcerative Colitis.  So the Levaquin threw me into a tailspin, and now I may be finding out I have more problems from PFC Chemicals than one would hope.  It is just starting to hit the news that the stuff is everywhere, and in some places in very high concentrations.  Good luck to all.

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