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Celiac testing questions

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So I went gluten free a few years ago to try to improve many symptoms I was having. I have been fairly consistent although I do cheat on occasion and have definitely been accidentally exposed now and then (and feel awful afterwards). I have recently been having abdominal pain and digestive issues again so I asked my doctor to finally do a celiac test. I have read that you should be eating it for 6 weeks in order for the test to be accurate but the doctor said that if it was in fact what was causing my symptoms that it should show up. So they did some blood work but forgot to do the celiac test which ended up giving me about a week to start eating gluten before the make up test. I was just wondering if anyone else has gotten positive results with such little time back on gluten? This week has been awful and I feel terrible but I just want to find out for sure

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The suggestion is 8-12 weeks per celiac center in chicago. My doc is a celiac specialist as well and told my to wait a couple more weeks to get tested when I was 2 months into eating gluten again. So, I did mine at 10 weeks. 

I am sure some folks test positive after just a week, or 6. 

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