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Hello today I'm just back from my gp. Following over 7 years of bloating and looking like I'm pregnant my gp done a series of blood tests one including coeliac. The results came in that I'm not celiac but my iron levels olthough I'm on iron tablets is low. My iron always drops then I'm put on tablets for 3 months then go's back to normal then falls again. I'm also hypothyroid so really at times I just feel Bloo£@ awful.

my doctor now wants me to refer me to a gastroenterologist to look into other testing becaus aparrently he can do more for me. He also said that I should go onto a gluten free diet but when I questioned him if this was wise incase it may effect any tests giving a false result he said it will be fine as he's already done the blood tests. He said it's good to go on it because the gastro will ask me to go gluten free at my first visit and this will saves me being sent home to do this and will buy me some time...

im a bit confused what I should do now. Do I start a gluten free diet now like my gp has suggested or should I just wait until I've seen a gastroenterologist??

thanks in advance.xx

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You should not go gluten free until after your gastroenterologist has done their testing.

Did you have the full celiac panel done? A high on only one celiac test means you should have an endoscopy/biopsies to verify if you have celiac.

The full celiac panel includes:


It might be different outside the US.



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