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Heinz organic ketchup

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5 hours ago, lilo said:

Is heinz organic ketchup gluten free?

What does the label say?  My Heinz (non-organic) says gluten free right on the label.  Maybe your organic version does not.  Gluten free trumps organic for a celiac.  

I just wanted to add, that the ingredients on the organic label may all be gluten free, but for some reason the manufacturer does not add the gluten-free label.  Maybe they test the non-organic version to assure the consumer that it meets the gluten-free FDA guidelines? I honestly can not recall the reason why I would NOT go for the organic except for  the lure of the gluten-free label.   

I am going to check it out out during my next shopping trip!  

Update:  hit my local Target and found that all the Heinz Ketchup is marked gluten free.  Not sure where you are located LILO, but it is definitely gluten free in the U.S.  I think Heinz made a relatively new label change within the last couple of months (or I went for cheaper ketchup!) ?

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If you're in Canada, Heinz (Kraft) regular ketchup is not labelled gluten-free on the bottle because they cannot guarantee the origin of their spices due to changing suppliers. Kraft makes Heinz ketchup in Canada and has a policy that they will not label something gluten-free unless they are 100% sure at all times of its gluten-free-ness. For example, other products they make such as the Classico pasta sauces, baked beans, some salad dressings etc. state on the bottle/package explicitly state that they are gluten-free.

The ingredients in the ketchup (tomatoes, sugar, white vinegar, salt, onion powder, spice) are described as being gluten-free, by the company. Note: the ketchup recipe in Canada is slightly different (I have listed the Canadian recipe - US one has corn syrup and some other additives). Not sure if this info is relevant to the US version, which as stated by previous posters is labelled gluten-free. Might be of interest though - there are quite a few companies that don't label their stuff as gluten-free in Canada despite selling the same product on both sides of the border. 

So... is the Canadian (or any) version safe? Most likely; spices are likely a very small component of the recipe (last on the list), and so on the off-chance that they are slightly contaminated the overall effect would be small... unless you're the type to drink it by the bottle, perhaps. I don't eat ketchup much, but I do eat other Kraft products that do not bear gluten-free labels such as their peanut butter and various cheese products. I'm pretty tinfoil hat (DH blows), but in my experience Kraft seems honest/trustworthy.

Heinz ketchup in Canada: http://www.kraftcanada.com/brands/heinz-ketchup/our story

Kraft-Heinz policy on gluten-free labeling in Canada/comment on spices: http://kraftcanada-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3432/kw/gluten/session/L3RpbWUvMTUxMzg4MTE3Mi9zaWQvZlVEMzhvSkxBUFBoamgzJTdFY1ZLVzN1Q25GQzYlN0U1OHNkTSU3RVpYTGlVT2s2V0xtX083dzQwbWJqWHFYRGpJN0NQa0hpNHF0SjN3M0VzRm9lYTU1USU3RXNuVlNOZnJMUHVUZzRwR1pNSGFQdjFxeDhTaFE2cEtEbXQ4WGclMjElMjE%3D


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