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I'm sick, tired, and confused

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10 hours ago, cyclinglady said:

If you have stones in your gallbladder, they can prevent the bile from being released into your small intestine making it really hard to digest your food, especially fatty foods.  If celiac disease and Crohn’s has been ruled out, be thankful.  Perhaps,  look towards getting that gallbladder removed.  I wish I could have kept my gallbladder (0% non-functioning no stones), but I  would have died eventually as it was infected.   Non-functioning (not releasing bile) gallbladder’s run in my family.  We call it a curse.  Anyone with a gut issue and older family members wisely blame the gallbladder!  

Do not discount the gastritis.  Was it considered chronic?  If H.Plyori is not the culprit, find out what is causing it.  You will then be able to figure out (with your doctor) how to treat it properly.  

I am going to a follow up appointment on Thursday, May 10th. As of now I have no idea what it could be that is causing it. I am grateful that it is not Celiac as i was scared id have to change my life style and didn't know how i'd do that. I will just run with the gastritis, but not sure how they determine the severity. And look forward to get my gallbladder out. 

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Hi Vonney,

You may want to have the full celiac panel run again in a few months.  The full panel includes DGP IGA and DGP IGG also. You should keep eating gluten until all testing is completed.  You may have damage in the gut that is not showing up in the first 5 feet that the endoscopy can reach.  But, since you had a positive antibody test it makes sense to follow up with repeat testing later on.  If your antibodies are higher in a few months that is a good indicator something is going on.  It may be you had testing done before much gut damage was present.   Gallbladder issues are not unusual in celiac sufferers.

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