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Store Bought Gluten-free Bread Recommendations?

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The best bread I ever had is called Deland bread from a bakery in FLorida. It is millet bread and was just awesome. It didn't make my son or I sick and I had no idea that there was even a risk of cross contamination, but it was wonderful. Light, can eat it as a sandwich without toasting it. Very wonderful, but now I don't know if there is some risk of it having gluten.

Otherwise I love Kinnikinnick English muffins, cut into thirds and toasted. Very good I think. I love their mini pizza's and my husband thought they were good too and he can eat regular pizza. It is more like a homemade pizza, but very good I think.

I have tried "Bread by Anna". I felt that it fell apart after a day too and was dry. It was good one time I made it for about 24 hours. I can't get over the beany flavor and the high fiber content. For now I have resigned myself to occasionally having a sandwich made from Kinnikinnick white sandwich bread. Would die for a real sub!MMMMMMM!


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Can anyone rec a store bought brand of gluten-free bread that isn't stone heavy?

I bought my first loaf today of FOOD FOR LIFE WHEAT AND GLUTEN FREE BREAD at While Foods and while it's fantastic to make a guilt-free sandwich, the stuff's a little far from tasty.

Do they make a gluten-free bread that's lighter and more "traditional"?

I'm fortunate to not be allergic to the many other things a lot of people are so I'm fine with nuts, soy, and dairy stuff.

Any recs or is this the way it is?

(I'm not a baker so no recipes please!)

Thanks! :D

i like the glutino brand corn bread.Theres 2 kinds, a yellower one and a whiter one, which is the one i tried.It's the only one out of kinninnick and Glutino brands that had the best texture! :)

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