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M Proteins

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Welcome to the forum Froggygirl.

Have you been told the actual levels of your M Proteins?  How do they compare with normal lab readings - these are usually given too, with blood results?

I have not had exactly the same problem but I have had many strange blood tests in recent years and I have tried to interpret them using google, but find in the end it is much the best thing to talk to my consultant as I have often misinterpreted them using the Dr Google tool.

One of my lab readings that came back abnormal were high levels of immunglobulins - I think at one point my level was 41, when normal lab readings were a max of c. 35, from memory.  My own GP mentioned a type of blood cancer so sent my blood off for further testing several times and all it revealed was that I had general inflammation in my body, there were no particular spikes in the reading.  I asked my celiac consultant some months later and he told me that he had seen this before in coeliac patients.  In my own case, the levels did settle eventually.

I am no expert in this field so I hope that someone else will chime in, but do go back and find out what these readings mean from your consultant/doctor.

Diagnosed by blood test and endoscopy Spring 2013

Adopted a gluten-free diet in May 2013



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On 3/28/2021 at 6:01 PM, Froggygirl1977 said:

Question about my bloodwork...said I have high m Proteins...when I looked to see what that was, it says something about having blood cancers. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I am newly diagnosed with Hashimotos and Celiac.


I didn't have your symptom's but I did do some research to see if they was a link to elevated M. Proteins and Celiac disease and it turns out there might be?

This article on Celiac.com explains it well….

Usually M. Protein levels go down within 3 Years of going gluten free…

As reference in the above article…

A little bit old….but good research none the less…

Entitled “Transient paraproteinaemia in a patient with coeliac disease”


Here is the more update research on the topic…

Entitled “Antibodies contained in "M" (Protein) component of some patients with multiple myeloma are directed to food antigens?”


quoting from the above article…

It seems to appear in about 1/3 of Celiac’s….

“Preliminary results showed the interaction of gliadin with patient's serum proteins present in the protein fraction of the same mobility as it was the mobility of the M-component, in 6 from 17 investigated sera. These results are the first reporting that in sera of some patients with multiple myeloma antibodies from M-component could be directed to some of gliadin antigens. As the serum antigliadin immunoreactivity is present in patients with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, it could be of importance to elucidate is the multiple myeloma more severe form of gluten intolerance than celiac disease.”

I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice.


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