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Thyroid Medication & Antidepressant & Anxiety Medication & Sleeping Pills

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I don't take anything for thyroid. But I do take Celexa for depression (it's gluten-free) and klonopin. Both klonopin and lorazepam are addictive but what that really means is the there is a potential for needing higher doses to achieve the same effect and when you go off you have to taper slowly.

The Celexa also comes in liquid form which I took for a long time because I figured I'd absorb more that way. I still take it when I get glutened.

Paxil is known for weight gain, as is Zoloft, but so is Celexa and for some reason I never gaiined an ounce on it. All three are very calming drugs and you can probably easily get them in liquid form or compunded. One yyou go on one of those, you may not even need anything for anxiety. Since SSRI's work on both depression and anxiety.

Rusla- Wellbutrin actually did give me an extra head- but in a good way- one that worked! :P

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I take 40 mg of paxil and 20 mg of elavil. The paxil helps with depression. The elavil helps me with pain at night. The side effects of both elavil and paxil are minor for me, but the most annoying one is the craving for sweets. I have a sweet tooth the size of the Empire state building and at this time can only have chocolate. Believe me, I eat alot of it. tara

Positive biopsy, positive blood test in 2/2006

Muscle biopsy in thigh in 2004 to confirm metabolic myopathy (found denervated nerves)

Interstitial cystitis diagnosis 2004

Hysterectomy 2003

3 for c-sections, 2 laparoscopies to remove abdominal adhesions

Abnormal heart beat when tired or glutened

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My dr. started me on Paxil, and I did not do well on it (although I know others who are fine on it). My dr. switched to Lexapro and I LOVE it. I feel like a million bucks!! I do not know if it has any of the ingredients you are sensitive too though.

Ev in Michigan

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